My Dearest Mother

My mother, my mother, my sweet mother;

you went through the burden of nine months,

heaviness, and through pains with weariness;

you never rested, making sure that

I was comfortable.

Even when things seem so impossible,

you turned the table, and made it possible.

With your last strength when I was due,

you had to push, and push,

a little more push, then I came out fresh

like the morning dew.

With your blood like a honey comb clothing me,

I felt the warmness of your hands carry me;

even when I was till tender to see,

I could feel the smiles and joy in

your heart of a fulfilled mother.

Oh! My dearest mother


Nnem, Nnem, Nnemmoma.

Who can be compared to thee?

Your breast is the sweetest, and the purest,

your milk is the richest in nutrient;

making me grow in strength,

building me up from day to day, week to weeks,

month to months, year to years;

until I could crawl,

seat with balance,

then stand perfectly with no helping hand.

Not until I could walk without staggering.

You curdle me when I cry,

play with me, just to make me smile,

sing lovely rhythm while I doze-off on your back,

in care, I had no lack.

Your lap was like a first class

where I have my tender bath.

Oh! Omalicha Nnemoma


Iya me, Iya me, Iya to da

You thought me how to pray before I eat,


our lord’s prayer before I go to sleep,

your bosom was so rich;

you scorn me whenever I go wrong,

in every situation, to be thankful to God.

Every night you read me lovely fairy tales

of angels watching over the place where I lay.

Your voice is the sweetest tone,

like a flute with angelic hymn.

You told me how splendor paradise glitter,

where we all will spend eternity together, forever.

With no sorrow eluded cloud,

we will be shining like a star twinkle On the river;

you thought me never to surrender,

A place forever young, never old,

I can remember, that was how the story was told.

You said that one day,

that the mysteries of life and death will unfold.

You said that life is a mystical revelation,

which requires me to be bold to behold,

even against all foes and woes.

That I have to stand on my toes,

to see beyond my nose.

Like an eagle watching over it’s eaglet in its nest,

you remain the best, even in your rest.

iya me, Mama mi kosi eni to da bi re




13 thoughts on “My Dearest Mother” by aceDprodigy (@1prodigy)

  1. So many beautiful poems have been written in honour of mothers so you have to be very imaginative if you hope to capture people with another one….

  2. @chemokopi is right. This poem dg did nothing for me.

  3. is it really true that a poem can ‘DO NOTHING’? i dont think so. a poet might not be able to paint his pictures as perfectly as you would prefer, but he has achieved his end at ‘pouring out his feeling’. lemme ask: who has read Bretch’s ‘the plum tree’? when i first read it, i did not see any POETRY in the poem, but its a poem anyways. i guess we have to give constructive criticism when people write stuff, cos no two people drink equally from the pierian spring. for this poem, i just have to say its a job well done. poeple have written worse and won awards. i cld cite examples. kee up the pen @aceDprodigy.

  4. mother sweet mother, good poem

  5. where will we be without our mothers – nice poem

  6. Mothers rock. Sweet mum.

  7. You were so concerned with rhymes that you forgot to be creative. Also, I see “your lap was like a first class”, “…paradise glitter…where we all will spend eternity together, forever” and I’m wondering, a first class what? Eternity together?

    You can do better, I believe.

  8. I love any poem that has to do with mothers irrespective of how bad people think it’s written.

    Welldone @1prodigy

  9. This could have been written better.
    Much much better.

  10. It’s true that poems for mothers have to be unique to stand out lyk Chemo says, but it’s also true that worse ones have been written and a writer seeks at times, just to pour out their thoughts, irrespective of how it appears..just as Isaacs said…
    Therefore ace, I ll say well done, we both know U can make this better…remember though, we musn’t have rhymes for a poem to be one…Keep writing n getting better…$ß.

  11. That poem is dedicated to my late mother , lost her to the cold hand of death 13 years ago

  12. Flavor nabania will do better with these lyrics .

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