Moment of Truth

No matter how long

You tend to hide it

One day someday unexpectedly

The truth will suffice into reality

Then the moment of truth will come


There is no smoke without a fire

Neither a smile without a frown

Or a bright sunny day with a rain drops

Better still a night without a day

So also there are no lies with the real facts: truth


Tell the truth never tell a lie

Because a clear conscience

Fears no false acquisition

Is free from every worries nor guilty conscience

That is a conscience nurtured by truth


With truth you lead

With truth people just like you

With truth you go places

With truth you stand tall

With truth you win foes and enemies


With lies you are castigated

With lies you go no places

With lies you are not dependable

With lies you are less to nothing

With lies you have so many foes and enemies


Truth will always prevail over lies

Falsehood can not stand in the presence of justice

When the search light of justice

Is placed on the spoken words then the

Moment of truth will come


Truth will always catch up

In a long run no matter how long it will take

Decades will come and go but truth

Will meets the right time and right moment

Then the long awaited years of falsehood will suffice

When truth has come to stay that’s it

The Moment of truth…

21 thoughts on “Moment of Truth” by Okoh C. Paul (@motitalk)

  1. There’s a classic song; one of my all time favorites.

    Gangstar’s Moment of Truth.

    Nice one.

  2. You no lie at all. But…

    1. But what @ Eletrika

  3. With truth people just like you?
    Big lie o

    1. abi ooo@kaycee…with truth people beef you

  4. I liked the message

    1. thanks so much @ teewah

  5. Many waters cannot wash away truth.Beautiful lines.

    1. thanks sambright

    1. thanks @ Raymond

  6. You made a mistake in the third stanza. A clear conscience fears no false accusation is the correct saying.

  7. The message in ds piece is clear,i like d way u wrote it

  8. The message is clear, but I’ll suggest you pay more attention to the structure and some of the word choices…Because of the message, the shorter the poem is the better I would say – to make it sound like the gavel of a judge! Basically, make it tighter and more compact, and also there are really sections you can take out of the poem, it becomes repetitive at some instances….I’m wary of the use of the word “suffice” in this poem too. Overall, nice attempt sir!

  9. truth is the greatest VICTOR

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