MICHAEL JACKSON…..my tribute.

MICHAEL JACKSON…..my tribute.

everyone’s favorite
discovered by Gladys Knight
led the other four
bled talent from every pore
we all wanted a part
from his hat to his fart
public love begat public hate
to the diamond studded glove that was his fate
he moonwalked to the highest of peaks
brought down and made bait by the paparazzi’s beaks
wrong decisions tripped him
we judged him……we ripped him
with his condemned plastic surgeries
he surpassed boundaries
accusations of molestations
no charge made the invitation
he was a thriller
a music healer
turned white by lupus and vitiligo
we painted his soul black as we go
his pain was our joy
him in chains was our toy
to make him vain was our ploy
blind to his agony
saw to his downfall in harmony
down he went in the game
nothing could put the picture back in its frame
now death took away the shame
gave fame back to the disgraced name
it brought him back to life
took him in as a man would a wife
cancer was the zodiac
that got arrested by cardiac
Oh Michael……
we gave you hell
you wanted to heal the world
we all refused your drug
’twas too bitter
now all we do is sell ourselves on twitter
forgive us Mike…we loved you too much
folks,…our king of pop ran outta luck
shame on us
shame on the world…
the blame is on us
the blame is on the world…
you are free now..
you took your last bow…
rest in peace
that’s my final diss…
if his death wrinkled your brow in worry,
join me in saying sorry.. 

Michael’s Words……(Will you be there?)

..in my darkest hour
in my deepest despair
would you still care???
will you be there???
in my trials
and my tribulations
through our doubts
and perspirations
in my violence
and my turbulence
through my fears
and my confessions
in my anguish
and my pain
through my joy
and my sorrow
and the promise of another tomorrow
i’ll never let you part
you’re always in my heart….

16 thoughts on “MICHAEL JACKSON…..my tribute.” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. i believe you are a strong fan of the late maestro, you have really taken time to eulogise him. yea MJ was a star indeed and his songs still speak even after he has gone. well done good piece.

    1. ah…yeah i am, as every other person on the planet, whether they know it or not…thanks.

  2. Yeah!

    Heeee – heeee!


    1. bros pardon me but i see you use this word dope- pls what do you mean by it? thanks

        1. it means …igbo….hard drugs,,,,,,@mikeeffa, @kaycee, @seun-odukoya……..*sniggers

  3. This is tight….nice one.
    Guy, well done.
    U av been scarce @eimehy

    1. yuh…@shai….it’s the rains……*winks

  4. Awesome write-up! I enjoyed every bit of it.

  5. I miss you, King. You are truly the greatest…
    Thanks @eimehy for writing this. Thank you. *i wanna hug you, really*

    1. errr……hug me?…*frowns……….awww, fuck it…….come get the damn hug!!! @layrite

  6. Nice poem. Quite touchy.

  7. Michael Jackson vs. Classificatory Anomaly

    I do not see Michael as a Traitor, I rather see him as a Teacher, a didaché of historical significance. He is the ‘white board’ on which this lesson on the needs of self-awareness, self-acceptance and contentment are written on the globe.

    Yet I see in him a grand march of the Übermench; an extreme fullness of the drive of men, and depreciation of forcible attainment of desires. I opine he is the first living saint of the world. The world hailed him, worshipped him and drove him to this precipice. Why do you then, oh world turn your back whereof you shot him to the skies and shut out the lights? Hence, I see in him the contrast of a humble life, of being a living cat at home, than a dead lion in the woods.

    Above all, his voice still makes me “Speechless” on the gospels he has preached. His “We Are the World” and the rest of its synoptic could “Heal the World” and “Make it a better place….” If harkened to.

    Thus, in this Classificatory Anomaly, “Black is in” in which Michael is out; I count him in as an obelisk of greatness to the pattern of the world. Then, I learn from him that the glories of earth are no less than lilies in the morning.

    However, if he did only ‘colour’ his skin in a world of many ‘coloured’ hearts and souls, it might be less a miracle to see him by Angel Michael in heaven at the last day.

    Shalom Michael!

    1. @ostar…..outstanding!

  8. Luved it. Nice one.

  9. may he r.i.p

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