Md-83’s Last Flight

Md-83’s Last Flight

In an Aircraft Assembly Factory in Switzerland, a man is seen driving to the extreme end of the factory. He gets out and works to the last hangar on the left. There is a name on the hangar McDonnell Douglas. He walks in and sees 1 MD-83 and 3 Boeing 737’s. He steps out of the hangar, goes to his car and brings out a big poster. He pastes this on the hangar door.



OF MD-80

In the Hangar

Boeing 737(1): What is on the poster? I can see it from my position. B-2 can you read the words?

B-2:  it reads complete decommission of MD-80’s.

Boeing 737(1): Why are you been decommissioned, old man? (Looking at the MD-83)

MD-83 sighs, then lifts up its head and replies

MD-83: Our leader and father crashed yesterday afternoon.

Boeing 737(1): Wow! Where? Hope it wasn’t that bad.

B-3: B1, try and deduce events first before asking questions. An MD-80 crashes somewhere and the last MD-83 in the Boeing factory is decommissioned.

MD-83: it was a complete loss. Nobody survived and it crashed into a residential area.

Boeing 737(1): No survivors!!!  That is terrible!!!

B-2: I thought you were specially designed to deploy emergency chutes within 5 minutes of a crash.

MD-83: Yes we are, but he had crashed too many times in the past. His last crash took out the best of him. Saw him a month ago, he looked in terrible condition. He was brought to Germany for check-up. He looked straight into my eyes and said, MY DAYS ARE NUMBERED SON, I tried to encourage him, but it seems there was much more than he said, in his eyes.

MD-83: 5 years ago he was scheduled to go Home

Boeing 737(1): HOME?

B-3: World Air Museum. Only the greatest of the great go there

MD-83: 5: Yes B-3, the World Air Museum. I was surprised to hear he was re-commissioned in Nigeria and put into full service.

Boeing 737(1): Full service!?!

B-2: Accept my sympathies for the loss of your father

MD-83: Thank You B-2, but it was his time. What pains me more is the death of the humans, it was not their time.

39 thoughts on “Md-83’s Last Flight” by Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

  1. Yeah.

    It was not their time. How annoying is that?

    The part that keeps haunting me is that that stuff did not have to happen. It did not have too.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Feel your pain! Didn’t need to happen

  2. I love the way this was written. The dialogues were smooth. It was really “his” time to go “home” but not their time…

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Thanks Ayodeji, really appreciate your comment. it was “his” time to go

  3. I so like this style.
    Good job.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Thanks Kaycee!!! Still learning the words game

  4. it was his time, it was not their time. That was the best part of the story. It made me forget all the technical and grammatical errors. Good job, but needs more work. Decommissioned planes wont be at an aircraft manufacturing plant, especially not Boeing and Mc Donell, two separate manufacturers- well they were before 1997, but still separate. “I cant see from here” small typo……good job

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Hi lulu,
      Thanks for your comment. As regards the aircraft manufacturing plant, there was no decommissioned plane till that morning and it was only the MD-83 that was decommissioned. Also, Boeing Acquired Mcdonell Douglas.

      What cant you see? ;-)


  5. Cool and nice.Good style.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Thanks Uchechukwu!

  6. Thanks for this piece. A fresh angle to look at the crash.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)


  7. I os much love this. The style is refreshing and so bam!

    They were not supposed to die. Not like that. Not that way. But in a country like ours we should be prepared all the time. Life is so cheaper here.

  8. Now ds is smthing diff…the last line said it all,it was really nt their time..hmm

  9. Nice!!..Excellent style….it has a funny stream i.e the concept of planes talking..
    @Lulu‘s point does make sense, plus he is a pro with the metal wings. (i think)…Well done II

    1. @sibbylwhite… pro with the metal wings…hmmm, i like

      1. Hehehehe…You mentioned me all right @lulu…. Now you’ve gotten the hang of it.
        I came across a comment you made somewhere, it seemed to me that you knew something about planes…

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    1. @Lulu,

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  11. Lulu. Dnt bother yourself. With time you will learn all.

    1. thats not good advise bro @lactoo

  12. Well said…not their time.
    But for a 22yr old plane it was definitely its time.

  13. What a fresh approach. I loved this.
    Well done for putting your imagination to task

  14. @louis this thing no work o

  15. got it @TolaO I appreciate

  16. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

    Really appreciate all the Comments

    (Means a lot!!!)

    Just my Contribution!!!

  17. I like this. A soothing dimension of grief…

  18. It was really not their time. If only we can be more HUMAN.

  19. ‘MD-83 sighs, then lifts up its head and replies

    MD-83: Our leader and father crashed yesterday afternoon.’

    U can include the action of the plane sighing n raising its head in a bracket before the reply.

    Good, fresh perspective on the issue. Nice work.

  20. Amor (@iykewifey)

    The style is awesome,

    not their time.

  21. @bwyze This piece struck a chord. Clever use of inanimate objects to convey a sensitive topic and yet, it was written in good taste. The ending leaves a lasting impression on the mind too. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

  22. Taken from a different angle but written well. Well done

  23. Interesting and fresh point of view… I like.

    Well Done!!!

  24. very sad truly, it was not their time but a primitive society allowed her people to perish needlessly due to the forces of corruption.
    well done

  25. this is TRUTH!

  26. Eeyah! Nicely written

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