Look What Her Lips Did To Me

Locks of hair drooped down her forehead
Her skin sweet as butterscotch nectar
Her lips thin and oddly pink
A slight hunch in her stature

I glanced again, so bittersweet
I was losing my structure
Giddy as my beams were falling in
And their columns could not capture

The grace of her statuesque
Flirty, free, well refined nature
Her eyes said, “I’m coming, yes!”
Her hands said,” see you later”

Her body was a vision of Coco Chanel scents
Her smile was a wonder, a crescent moon sculpture
Her words were hallucinogenics wrapped in Oscar’s
Her touch, cool water in a green house orchard

We talked for hours on certain topics
Skulked around our naked bodies
Held hands in silence for the fun of it
Looked in each other’s eyes and thought,”fuck it”

You only live once, so why don’t we
Embrace the now, lest future flee
From us by dawn, or deep thinking
She kissed my lips without blinking

I wrapped my arms around her as should be
She was surely a gift, mankind’s present
But with distance, I was Clark Gable
Gone with the wind in this tragic fable
Of love unrequited, so it seems
But this goddess lives on in my dreams

14 thoughts on “Look What Her Lips Did To Me” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. The girl got you bad.

  2. Too bad! Poor dude.

  3. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Lovely, but i think you ought to have kept the last stanza four lines long, it would have presrved the rhthym of things, Weldone, nice one, thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. Hmmmm…I’d give that a thought

  5. Love d Gone with the wind reference. Girl got U bad, just lyk Usher. Well done…$ß.

  6. Awww, pity. Nice poem.

    1. I see what her lips did to you.

  7. The one that got away.

  8. Arggh! Man, you’re good! The structure of the poem mimics your and the girl’s relationship! It feels like a dance…with all the taunting involved and such…

  9. Why the ‘f’ word? D poem is interesting, anyway.

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