Letter to God

Dear God,

We’re tired of praying prayers that have no faith. You know us better than we know ourselves so why do we constantly try to play on Your intelligence? We know that we don’t spend much time with You throughout the day because the duties of life always seem to get in the way. It’s weird because we make time for everything that has nothing to do with You and we don’t even complain about it.

We can stand in a club for hours but it seems like when we get to church, we’re ready to go after praise and worship is over. The preacher is speaking Your words yet our minds are focused on what to do after service. Its so disrespectful how we carry on from day to day without telling You “Thank You”. We don’t make the time to talk to You because our thoughts are so polluted with guilt and stifled by shame.

Forgive us!

Not only do we ask for forgiveness, help us to do better with our relationship with You. Make us put the same efforts that we put into our personal relationships, into our spiritual walk with You. We can’t do it without You. Most of us want to be closer to You, but we’re afraid of change. We’re afraid that walking with You is going to required too much. We’re not worthy God, we don’t even have enough sense to comprehend that You love us even when we don’t love ourselves. Bless us because You are God and not always based on our behaviors.

Free our dear country from the shackles of backwardness in which corruption and all other vices have tied us with. Teach our fellow citizens to fervently pray for our leaders, and not rain invectives on them like we often find solace in doing.

Show us the way; surround us with people who truly love You, not those who say what a TV preacher told them to say. Help us to know You for ourselves and not how people feel we should know You. We’ve realized that we’re nothing without Your presence; we just need You to show us a sign. Let us know that You hear our heart desires. We’re ready for a new beginning.

We know You are not on Naijastories but can surely read our minds.

42 thoughts on “Letter to God” by Ayodeji Lancaster (@lancaster)

  1. Amen. Amen.

    But he is on Naija Stories Oh! Remember we are the temple of the living God and the works of our hands are the ways he works through us…

    1. Thanks for reading @chemokopi. Apologies for the little “misunderstanding”. I really don’t mean it that way. I know He can read our minds and I wrote that as well. I’m just saying that he’s not a “registered” member who can comment like you did. Thanks once again.

      1. Hehehe…I know that is what you meant…just pulling your legs and showing the ambiguity of the English Language…lol!

    2. Hehehehe. Funny and confusing how it could be sometimes…

  2. I thought god was everywhere? But maybe this is not a letter to god but to the people you think are reading? Make up your own mind.

    1. Thanks for reading @Myne. That’s not what I meant though, I was only expressing that He’s not a “registered member” but he can read our mind. I know He is with us.

  3. Hmm, true talk @chemokopi.
    Now, I know this isn’t my letter, really. IT is addressed to God but it looks more like it isn’t really to him. If you ask my opinion (and I know that you aren’t), you might want to rework it a bit. Add some life to the letter and of course, direct it better to him. Talking about God not being a registered member, maybe you should also remember that no be only members dey read posts! Hahaha! Don’t mind me!
    Well, you have made your point. True words all these ones are.
    Hopefully, we would adjust…
    May our relationship with him be far better always. Amin.
    Well done Ayo. Well done.

    1. Thanks for reading @sueddie. I agree with you. I’ll rework it. Isn’t that what NS is about? Learning to get better.

  4. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Hmmm. Nice work here. I would love to write the reply. @Ayodeji Lancaster. The issues raised are valid though, even in hell God is there. Unregistered user can read and nothing is impossible with/to Him. Afresh voice in the discourse on Spiritual apathy. Well done.

  5. Thanks for reading @nicolebassey. I’ll really love to read a reply to that. Should I look forward to it?

    I know and believe God is everywhere. Thanks once again…

  6. very sober, a good reflection on our lives and country. good write up

    1. Thanks @mikeekka. I believe you liked it. I appreciate you reading and dropping a comment.

  7. Don’t except God to reply sha.

    1. What if He replies? Don’t be surprised oh.

  8. okay o…either amen or no amen

    1. Hmmm…. @laworemike. Thanks for reading

  9. Nice one Ayo…and I can only wonder if God would shake his head and say in his ethereal voice; “Oh these Humans, how they have Fun and with my name!”…hehehe…
    Me, i like simple…God does too, that’s why we have the Lord’s prayer..
    Please when and if you rework this like it’s been suggested…abeg, don’t go and use mind-boggling and head-cracking words o…Well done…$ß.

    1. Thanks for reading @sibblywhyte. I was actually wondering if you won’t read it. Glad you did. Lol, don’t worry, I won’t use mind-cracking and head-boggling words. I’ll stick to simple. Thanks SB

  10. A solemn nice one, more like a prayer though, and it sounds like it’s from the heart, I believe God has heard.
    I echo the words of David “One thing have I desired of the lord, and that will I seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord… and to inquire in His temple”

    1. Thanks for reading, your @excellency Sir.

  11. Cool and nice one bro.

    1. Thanks for reading @uchechukwu1. Glad you like it

  12. And the church says Amen! Love the simplicity and the child-like nature of the prayer…

    1. Thanks for reading @aryor. Glad you liked it. I appreciate

  13. Better email Him the stuff….
    Good job here.

    1. Thanks @ostar. Yea, I’ve done that already.

  14. My dear son,

    You know I’m not on Naijastories… I see you gat jokes eh. That one got me laughing. I love your sense of humour, be lucky you have one I didn’t give that to everyone.

    You can have a joke at Kaycee expense, thinking I won’t reply you.

    Prayers without faith! You must be kidding! You really got me rolling of the floor here. I haven’t had such a good laugh in a long while. Thank you for making me laugh. You must know that I find humour in almost everything.

    (Ha haha Henhehe ho hoho) Now you really have me going here. How can anyone play with my intelligence? When all you all do is fool yourselves. Before you conceive a thought, let alone carry out any action, I know exactly what you intend to do before you do it and its outcome.

    It is my joy to see everyone living their lives as they see fit, contradictions and all. This is all part of my humour you see. Many of you wonder why I sit back and watch things happen, disasters and all. But I ask what disaster? What calamity? What loss?

    It’s all a matter of perception. A slight of hand as magician would say of his magic tricks. Imagine someone who has amnesia. Does this now mean that because of forgotten or buried memories, this individual is now someone else? Does this erase who they truly are?

    Look all around you. The answers to the questions you all ask are there glaring for all of you to see, but your ‘amnesia’ prevents you from acknowledging or realizing the truth. And before you say it, yes I do have a hand in who knows what and when they do perceive what I allow them to perceive.

    Life would be pointless if I handed everything on a platter. No pain, no gain. No cross, no crown. I hope you get where I’m going with all this. If not, consider my children in Hollywood or even Nollywood, hmm…these my children sef. Someone writes, directs and produces a movie. You all use paper with scribbles on it, called money, another joke, to pay for and watch this movie.

    In this movie, a woman is raped, a man is killed, a child is beheaded, and another sold into child slavery…all these tragedies are real enough and evoke emotion from you. You don’t go home after the movie and give any afterthought to it, simply because all that you witnessed in the movie was staged. Five times out of ten the movie does get you to think about life and conveys a certain message and life goes on.

    In this instance, I am the writer, director and producer of life’s greatest blockbuster called life.

    What you see and think is real, is not. The concept of movies is what really explains life. The same man or child you saw killed in a movie is alive the next day getting awards for the same movie you saw them die in.

    Deji, my beloved son, I have so far said too much, but I’m rewarding your diligence. Everything in life is on a need to know basis.

    Consider this for a moment; if there was no illness would you need doctors, nurses, and all its associated services? Without injuries and ailments, who needs medication or an ambulance service? Without injustice or crime, who needs the judicial system? Who needs courts, lawyers, the police or prison system? Are you beginning to get my drift?

    What is the need to study any profession? Why become a lawyer or doctor if there was no need for it? What would this world be like? If there was no crime, you would not need a legal system. Everything would be perfect and boring don’t you think?

    You would have nothing to do. You might as well be zombies. If all you did was pay obeisance and worship me, wouldn’t you be bored after a while? I know I would be bored so you can understand why I choose to spice up life.
    I understand that you might not understand my reasoning, but if you can’t understand your existence, how can you understand life? How can you comprehend why I allow things to be a certain way? There is a method to what you might call my madness, but I can assure you that its genius.

    What you see as loss I see as gain. What you consider gain, I know is loss.

    Over time, I can assure you that you will know and come to understand what I know and why things have to be the way they are for now. I will share this much with you; paradise is not what you think it to be. It’s an aspiration for the evolvement of man. It’s a learning process. It’s a growth thing…with time you’ll get it.

    Deji dear son, continue to be who you are, but do cut down on the Amala and ewedu, both you Dotta and Sally eat too much fufu as you call it. Don’t let Swallow kill you o. Tell Sally I can see her doing well. You are all doing just fine.

    Just me


    1. Wooooooooooow. You killed it @aturmercy. Respect, respect. Your reply was a lot better than the letter itself (well, you’re God and I’m just a mortal).

      Thanks so much for this. I hope I can share your reply with my facebook friends, fans and readers?

      To the swallow, You know me more than I know myself, God. Just strengthen my oesophagus so that it can withstand enough “base” of Amala and Fufu. I know I can live without food, but I dare not risk it.

      Provide for me, Mama and my small Mom so that they can sometimes substitute the Fufu with some Rice or Noodles. I know You will provide some meat and fish too since You were the one who created them in the first place and made me king over them.

      I know You are reading this, I know.

      So, thanks in anticipation for a positive response.

      1. Dear son

        This is just me and you having fun, which we should do a lot more of.

        My dear Deji, life is too short. Knock yourself out, have a ball eating your swallow, but do create space other things in life. As for you, Mama and small mom, trust me you are all in good hands. You will not lack what to eat. Neither will you lack my protection and shelter. You is good people.

        As for Facebook…knock yourself out. Why shouldn’t the world know you are favoured by me?

        As for your fans and readers…some fans might actually be air-conditioners, Readers? Let’s hope they are really reading and do understand what they read. When you write fowl, they see chicken. When you mean chicken they think turkey…

        You my son are blessed.

        Loving you always.

  15. Click to see reference: **

    *Sally: *

    *Dotta: @dottaraphels*

    1. Sorry! trying to link info in the letter

      *Sally* – @moskeda comment – http://www.naijastories.com/2012/05/swallow/comment-page-1/#comment-77313

  16. Thank you God. Your mouthpiece@ atumercy has spoken. I will do my best to keep using my gift to your glory. You know how you take over me when I write, telling me the stories, showing me like in a movie. Its not to my glory but yours. About the fufu, Lord I like it too much. Even downloaded it last night. Hmmmm…thank u for preparing cassava. And as for Lancaster, bless him and make his dreams come true.
    @lancaster thank you for writing this. God is indeed everywhere and He hears. God bless you

    1. Thanks @moskeda. God bless you real good.

    2. My sweet daughter,

      It’s quite refreshing to see you write. I’m impressed. Anyway why should I be? You are a chip of the old block after all…

      Continue being your sweet self. There is more inspiration coming your way soon… a deluge in fact.

      Mmmm, Sally, Saally…you and dis fufu sef. Anyway why not if not. Enjoy o jare, but don’t over do it like you did last time and began farting all over the place.

      I enjoyed watching you download as you call it, last night. It was an amusing sight. Carry go my dear. you are a darling.

      Take good care of yourself, hubby and pickin dem.

      Always your Father

  17. Thank you God. Your mouthpiece @atumercy
    has spoken. I will do my best to keep using my
    gift to your glory. You know how you take over
    me when I write, telling me the stories, showing
    me like in a movie. Its not to my glory but yours.
    About the fufu, Lord I like it too much. Even
    downloaded it last night. Hmmmm…thank u for
    preparing cassava. And as for Lancaster, bless
    him and make his dreams come true.
    @lancaster thank you for writing this. God is
    indeed everywhere and He hears. God bless you

  18. What can I say? miracles do happen even here in our little big family,lol.
    Well @lancaster, see what you started? now his eye are directly on us! I love this one, the simplicity of it and then some.
    I like your little convo with ur maker his wicked sense of humour…@aturmercy…sly buddy, real sly!

    1. Thank you @dottaraphels. I’m glad God used me to start all this now-so-interesting conversation.

  19. Good work. Enjoyed it

  20. You won’t know how much God loves you, until you know how much He loves Jesus.

    “Most of us want to be closer to You, but we’re afraid of change.” This used to be me….

    Believing in God is not enough. We also need to work out our own Salvation individually; Philippians 2:12.

    1. That’s true @raymond. We need to work it out all by ourselves.

      Thanks for reading sir

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