Let us live, love and dare to dream

Let us live, love and dare to dream

Life, I’ve heard them say, is as light as the wind.

What happened on that fateful day of 3rd June 2012 was a validation of that statement.

Hundreds of lives snuffed out in the space of mere minutes, leaving behind charred remains, unfulfilled hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions!

These people set out on the journey not knowing what was to befall them. If they had even the slightest suspicion, that journey, I’m sure, would never have been embarked upon.

It just makes me think, if those people knew they were to pass on that fateful day, would they have made adequate preparations, tied up loose ends, rekindled dead relationships with their loved ones?

Well, we cannot say because we will never know.

For those left behind, we the living, it is an eye-opener, a reminder that we do not own our lives. We are merely tenants on this earth.

We should all strive to live lives worthy of emulation, garnished with good character, and a solid relationship with our Creator.

We need to grab hold of oppurtunities to do good and shun evil, standing up for what is just and true, and rejecting corruption and all vices.

So, bearing in mind that we have just one life to live, let us live, love and dare to dream. So that at the end of the day, it will all be worth it.

By Oge A

6 thoughts on “Let us live, love and dare to dream” by ogeA (@ogeA)

  1. God Bless You

  2. Yea…tragedies are usually reminders of our mortality…Thank you.

  3. Let us now, therefore, eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

  4. This kind of mirrored a piece my friend wrote few months ago titled “Of mortality and frailty of human existence”

    Thanks for writing this @OgeA

  5. Thanks for sharing this @OgeA

  6. @kaycee, hehehe. Madt man.

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