Kindred Spirit


Like a captive hurtling towards freedom

He reaches out for the fangs

Of the spitting spigot.

Groping warily for this wayward  son

She catches the sweet stings on her hands

And becomes a reluctant convert.


Perhaps he heard the calling

Beyond the swirling mists

Causing him to skirt the warning

Of those scolding fists.


He is of my tribe

A pursuer of his cause

Who lets the indignations slide

For the greater good of the cause.


I shall follow this virgin road

Undeterred by the premonitions of my friend.

For like the child who went against the mode

I aim to triumph in the end.

14 thoughts on “Kindred Spirit” by howyoudey (@howyoudey)

  1. Last stanza reminds me of the poem ‘A road less travelled by'(can’t really recall it’s writer or real title)…

    Not following the norm…MIGHT make for a better life… Triumph you will by the way…Well done HUD…$ß.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, @sibbylwhyte.

  2. Yes, triumph you will….

    Nice one @howyoudey

  3. Nice…so we be kindred spirits eh?

  4. I salute your craftmanship well done

  5. Nice one.

    Nice words.

    Keep going. The path is not for everyone.

    1. ‘Preciate your kind words. @Seun-Odukoya.

  6. Just keep going.

    1. Thanks for reading, @kaycee.

  7. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Concise, content laden … !

    1. Thanks for the observation @josephoguche.

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