16 thoughts on “Jazzillie Comic Series: The Purple Menace (Part 2)” by Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

  1. So now we’re reading comics on NS? Not sure what to make of that yet.

    Don’t like the art much. And as I noted in the first part – the story’s very much cliched.

    You might ‘get away’ with the Nigerian angle, but as any comic reader will tell you, that
    ‘got-his-super-powers-in-a-freak-accident’ scenario’s played out.

    Nice effort though. I applaud that.

    1. Thanks Seun! Will make it better

  2. Okay this is cool. Funny thing is that a percentage of writers stemmed from former/present comic writers.

    1. Merci La Chica,

      True fact! I actually find it easy writing comics, which is a bit more complicated as i need to input “camera Pan” so the artist can bring the words to life properly.

  3. Real cool. Illustrations are okay, could be better though. Nice still.

    1. Thanks! I see you read part 1, part 3 had better drawings!

  4. Something different…Hmm…

    I think U need to Step up Ur game in the Artwork area. I’ve seen some comics coming out of 9ja and bro, they slay this in all aspects. The Main Character looks goofy a bit…

    Nice concept, and I don’t really mind d Super-power angle, as long as U make it innovative.

  5. Ha!
    I don’t know again o

  6. I couldn’t read it. I only saw photos. My phone na small phone and e no fit make am big enough for me to see the wordings.
    Goodpiece u’ve gat here though. Maybe when i go cafe make i c am well.

  7. Wow this is great.I like the depiction of our police decked with those gadgets.I wish our police were like this.This is very beautiful.

  8. I have to say kudos! Just improve the artwork. Maybe there should be a category for stuff like this.

  9. great job, something for a change from the usual poetry and prose- well done just follow the suggestions

  10. Quite innovative. This should be commended!

  11. Nice storyline but I’m afraid your comic falls into the cliche trap of ordinary being becoming superhuman as a result of some experiment.

    Its overplayed and could make any story no matter how unique ordinary.

    Also, the realism is just not there. This is why superhero comics have failed in Naija. Even Nollywood dare not attempt it.

    But you did well using actual existing places…and you do have a good story in mind, thats for sure

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