I Bet You Think This Poem’s About You






Once upon a time in my life,

Kisses, came from hat tricks

Not threes like in soccer,

But from hats that house rabbits


Rabbits that just prove that then,

Her kisses were like magic

Garnished with doubt and electricity

That surpassed all possibilities, In her eyes


In her eyes, I would get lost for days

They were a garden of hazel and green

That evoked words from within me

That my mind had never seen, but my heart did


Every time she bat her lashes, I was blinded

She had on bulletproof eye shadow

And I was always reminded

Oh! damn! Girl how did you get that ass in those jeans?


Now I’m stuck here in a scene

Where you look so pristine

And you’re hopping up and down

And I bet you think this poem’s about you


And it probably even is

My love is like glue without a lid

And the more I breathe fresh air

The harder I become to steer, away from you


How have I lived these moments without you?

Without your warming smile

You being my sunshine

And lighting me up from within


My heart is heavy and remains unburdened,

May love quench this bitter taste

Cos My heart is but a gentle flower,

In the breeze without any power


But thorns guard my endless passion

left carelessly on my sleeves

For love is ample chlorophyll

Pouring from my leaves


Oh! I just want to be loved

by you And not languish

in this everlasting tale of unrequited love


I want to wake up with you next to me

I want to breathe words in your ears

And watch you wake up like a swan

More Beautiful and graceful than your peers


I want to feel every sensation that your lips make

I want to taste every spark in your synapses

I want to hear your heartbeat from inside mine

I really bet you think this poem’s about you


I just want to love you

For you and you alone

I just want to look in you

And make your heart my home


I just want you to love me

For who I really am

I just want you to accept that

I’m not a shoddy scam


I just want to look into your eyes

And see my reflection in them

That way I’ll be inside you

Maybe then you will be mine


But over the years I’ve come to learn

That Love is a losing game

No matter what side you’re on

You’ll end up feeling insane


From the hurdles that my heart surely jumps

To the insecurity that my heart beat pumps

I’d still bet you think this poem’s about you

And guess what? You’re probably right

22 thoughts on “I Bet You Think This Poem’s About You” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. Gosh! Go n serve it up already….i like. But, e long Sha!

    1. I am glad you like it. Thank you :)

  2. “That love is a loosing game
    no matter what side you’re on
    you’ll end up feeling in sane”
    @jamesndu, lol. What is love after all done if you are not lost in it?

    Lovely sorrow, lovely poem.

      1. I don NOT want to be lost in love. :D Thanks for dropping a comment, I appreciate the gesture.

  3. I bet You think this song is about you…

    Hmmm. Interesting.

    1. Thanks for reading…

  4. I bet you think you wrote an awesome poem.

    1. Of course I did…:P

  5. the last stanza sealed it for me

    well done!

    1. Thank you aunty Teewah :D btw… I am a fan!

  6. Glue without lid, leaves….these imageries go places.

    1. Imagery makes writing beautiful. Thanks for having a beautiful mind.

  7. Intense…witty…and slightly naughty.

    Interesting and very contemporary.

    From the place – ‘I just want to love you’
    It seemed to lose depth till ‘From the hurdles…’

    But then it could be deliberate.

    Nice work still.

    1. Yes it was deliberate… Thanks for the compliment. Bless!

  8. You bet I read it, and yes I like it…

  9. you must be seriously in love lol- nice poem

  10. I love the last stanza. The mention of rabbits confused me a bit- initially. Very nice poem.

  11. nice, loving and loving it………

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