Hot! Hot! Hot! Worldreader Only Asked For ‘A Touch Of Spice’!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Worldreader Only Asked For ‘A Touch Of Spice’!

(An In-House Review of the Touch of Spice competition – personal views of course!)


What?! I didn’t know that ‘Naija’s Got Talent’ like this! Pay a person’s price and you would be shocked at what the person would present. I’m sure when Naija Stories and World Reader decided on the theme, they thought, ‘Nigerians wouldn’t really write deep sex stories, let’s just ask them to give us a touch of it.’

They got more than they bargained for. I know. I read all the stories for the contest.

My elder brother’s comment that ‘You have to wear a condom to read some entries’ then made loads of sense. Holy Mother of Aôndo! There was so much steam in most of the stories that you just had to take away the spice and just fan on and on. A few NSers confessed to having to take a compulsory break from NS for the duration of the contest. They sure knew the values of ‘if you can stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen!’



There were thirty-five stories from various writers – from the very best of Naija Stories including veteran Seun Odukoya, Da Writing Engineer, Eletrika, and Howudey among others. There was the likes of Sibbyl Whyte and Lactoo present too trying their hands, it would seem, for the first time at new things – one, a different kind of writing and the other, a whole new world of steam. New entrants Helen4ever82, Sunshine and Chinyere Chimodo made the cut with debut pieces that sure didn’t show them to be debut writers one bit. This selection of writers that entered the competition from the start showed that it was going to be some big battle between the writers of grace that NS had come to be proud of, the other writers who had kept showing remarkable progress in every new post and the new plus hardly known entrants. It was a tale that everyone was gearing to read. And yes, readers tore through the posts like mad with Seun-Odukoya (predictably) getting some of the highest view count of stories with over seven hundred views and more than one hundred and five comments. The writers were gracious (or maybe so anxious) giving almost every comment a reply.


Various styles were employed in the contest. Most of them seemed to follow a pattern that defined spice to be SEX and yes, deep sex. Vivid scenes showed that most of the writers (not all) didn’t have a problem with experience. Whether acquired from reading or directly, the craft was shown to leave no reader wondering. Stories like ‘Incidental Pervert’, ‘Enigma’ by Phoenix, Gretel’s ‘A New Beginning’ had a raw rendition of sex that sure spelt ‘spicy’ and a removal of the word ‘touch’. Theirs was full dose! Some of the authors were a bit discreet in their explorations including the like of Leekwid in ‘The Love Triangle’ and ‘Sweet as a rose’ by Scopeman (written in a deep English style reminiscent of grand authors). Some descriptions showed inexperience and rather than raise anyone’s hormones might have mellowed them into humour. Such descriptions as that of Lactoo in ‘Spicy Soul Food’ reminds one of the story of a man who after boasting to his friends he was not a virgin told them that ‘breasts’ were hard like coconuts. There were other stories that just took away the spice and replaced it with some charming subtle romance including Tosin in his ‘Living Again’ (which despite the beauty of his narrative, some say didn’t quite pick the romantic tone).


It would help if most of the writers got to edit their work, now devoid of the tightness of the restriction of a competition and make it come out alright. The errors on some pieces were also horrendous which made reading pretty difficult. Several replies on Amor’s ‘Re-union Confession’ speak of this. There are several others simply thrown in which some writers have confessed were written in a mad rush. While it is one thing to get into a competition, it is lovely to do so with a piece that would stand a fair chance. This calls for writers to pay more attention to editing on normal posts and more importantly, to competitions!

Maybe we should have another competition that would draw people to their limits – maybe something with a horror theme! NS sure keeps on pulling surprises!


The stories can be grouped largely into various categories but over here, we would simply put only a few in similar brackets. There were the ‘Letter’ entries including Sibbyl Whyte’s ‘A Letter to a dear brother’, ‘Letter to my love’ by Milady, and ‘Love is like an Opioid’ by Fiyinfoluwa Akinsiku.

There were also the dream entries including Seun Odukoya’s ‘The Basic’s are’, Mazi Nwonwu’s ‘Incidental Pervert’. Some of the stories were subtly preachy including Da Writing Engineer’s ‘Sunshine’ and ‘A New Beginning’ by Gretel.

Giving it up for girl power mainly was ‘Uloma makes her move’ by Jollof. This piece seemed like it was tailored for the competition considering that it had the requirements for bonus marks including a rounded female character and tones of safe sex hidden somewhere. ‘The Bet’ by Rita carried the girl power theme a bit but of course, a boy had to come change the focus a bit. In the category of surprise finishes (which most of the stories truly qualify for but which only a few are mentioned now) were Howudey’s ‘Sticky Situation’ that had someone ask a question that played at the tongue of this reviewer’s heart: ‘How u dey do am?!!’

There was the native category with ‘The Legend of the parallels’ by Sally Kenneth Dadzie, ‘Nana’s Knight’ by Laryoo, ‘A Touch in the rain’ by Chinyere Chimodo… Okay, I guess some people are getting tired of this… So, let’s skip…


A noticeable reading of the various stories by each other was noticeable. This was made known by the comments dropped on stories by fellow competitors. Most of the comments on stories by different contestants were largely balanced, without bias and in many cases, full of admiration (that in some places looked a bit false). This showed the contestants as being largely open-minded and worthy competitors simply out to have fun (and of course, win the big prize!)


This was the first stage of selecting from the really closely knit stories. It is very likely that most readers had a hard time deciding which stories to vote for considering such qualities as friendships; quality of writing; the content and the like. It seemed like the votes were going to be tightly contended. Surprisingly, when the results were released it was far from anything of the sort. It looked more like the results of a typical Nigerian election. The difference was that the people in power (The NS PDP) who everyone would have expected to top the charts based on popularity or the others who might have charmed due to their seeming writing prowess were downed by far. Matter of fact, it seemed that after the scores of Bubblinna’s To a brother with Love’ and Da Writing Engineer’s ‘Sunshine’, the ‘competition’ was split among the other contenders with very close but near embarrassing margins. So, it came to be that Bubblinna’s ‘To a brother, with Love’ came tops with 174 votes – 24% of the total votes cast leaving the next contender, Da Writing Engineer with his ‘Sunshine’ with 67 votes (9.4%) of the votes and ‘A Touch in the Rain’ by Chinyere Chimodo with 30 votes (4.14%). ‘Before the wedding night’ by Lawore Olufemi got 7 votes (0.97) while Lactoo’s ‘Spicy Soul Food’ and ‘Letter to my love’ by Milady shared 6 votes a piece (0.83%).

The comments and general feeling in the air after the release of the results sure showed that there was some measure of spice – hot peppery spice to be precise – in the air. Many people seemed disappointed in the results and a good number made comments on their statuses, and/or the result page.

It would seem most of them forgot that polls generally have to do with individual preferences and are not exactly a measure of the quality of writings or anything contended for that matter but more of the popularity of a particular writer, campaigning, and a few other tricks by contestants. Now, from all indications some people did their jobs really well without sleeping while a few others let chance do it for them. Chance sure did its job. It was time to wait for the Judges…


An information post ‘Romance Writers Join NS Editors to Judge Touch of Spice Contest’ that was not really viewed from the number of views announced that members of the Romance Writers of West Africa had been co-opted to judge the contest. Well, not surprisingly, considering these writers basically have the heart of the competition and lots of spice at the core of their writings. The RWOWA team include Kiru Taye (award winning author who is also a member of the Naija Stories); Netty Ejike (publisher and renegade Harlequin lover who transferred a passion from reading romance into writing same. Two Naija Stories Editors were also announced as judges including Su’eddie Vershima Agema (one of those regular guys jor!) and the chemical Samuel Okopi (a.k.a Chemo poet and versatile writer). It seemed everyone had to keep their fingers crossed – well, a few people judging from the number of views on the post as earlier mentioned!


Like the polls, this came as a surprise to many. There were comments of discontent by some NSers too. [I break here to give the word as I wrote there: No matter those comments, I believe that every piece was lovely in its own way and merited far more than anyone can score. The true mark is in the satisfaction of the author in his work, not in any prize or comment by anyone else. This to me, is the heart and reason for every writing.]

The next stage is set for the announcement.


Really, whoever won the competition doesn’t really matter. The real winners are those writers who were bold enough to take up the challenge and disciplined enough to meet the deadline. Most of the stories need some reworking, true, but there is no doubt that almost every story in the competition deserves to have an award of merit or mention. They are the type that would stand out anywhere and on any forum. Readers and critics too need commendation for sharp criticisms. The polls sure would have been hard too with the lovely selection that were near identical in respects (especially sex). In the end everyone must agree, the competition was well worth it. Phew.

33 thoughts on “Hot! Hot! Hot! Worldreader Only Asked For ‘A Touch Of Spice’!” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Wow! This is a good one @sueddie. I thoroughly enjoyed this and really had a good laugh! You should sign up for the circus or something…hehehehehe.

    And you raised strong points man. Nice.

    1. Me? Circus? @Chemo: I would call on @Kaycee to catch you o!
      But look who’s talking – Garri poet! ;)
      Well, it was a fun competition, I guess. Cheers!

  2. Well done man.

    I appreciate this. I like the fact that you spoke on something really close to my heart. Sometimes I really want to say how I feel – but people hardly understand that I speak from a place of emotional honesty as opposed to a place of hatred/beef/jealousy and what have you.

    Thank you for the mention. You keep calling me vet…effectively embarrassing me and making me feel like an ‘agbaya’…when really I’m just here to learn and get better.

    I’m grateful man. Grateful for this site. For the people. For the opportunity.

    As always. NS rocks.

    And you, Su’Eddie?


    1. Stone? Hmm… I stone. Wait till you feel my stoning prowess ;).
      Veteran – you one of the founders too na. Abi? I think sometimes you should just speak despite all those people. We have lots of misunderstanding of comments on NS here which is usually bad. Well, we just have to do what we to do, yea? Hmm. You really are welcome, always.
      @babyada: Sure would like to see your tale when it is rewritten. It sure would go places. The judges thank you too ;) Don’t forget to catch Seun more to clean up o! ;)

  3. Another ‘Touch of Spice’ story…hehehehe!

    God bless the judges, especially that one that…you know yourself.

    I’ve been really encouraged to do more. In fact, with the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve been able to re-write my story and make it better.

    And to my darling too, Seun-Odukoya. U made me take that BOLD step of even taking part at all. Thanks.

    Thanks to my commenters too. You showed me you really cared when I was thinking my story was off point.

    Thanks everyone.

  4. You know, I also thought a lot of readers would shun the competition due to the “explicit content” required. I was wrong..heheh..very interesting competition. Good analysis Sueddie.

    1. @aghoghosam: Merci! Amazing how they surprised us. The results from the polls to the finish also turned out surprising…so it was simply a surprise competition. But, WOW! What do you think?

  5. No b small tin oo. Lactoo always the offpoint man. Thanks @sueddi. I could remember when i went off NS and u sent me an email, encouraging me to kom back. I appreciate

  6. TeeII (@terwizzyvee)

    I wanted to enter for the competition but my entry was too late so I abandoned it. However do check out some of my blog at It’s not entirely African/traditional but it’s written by an African ;)

  7. @Sueddie, the guru, has spoken. Court dispersed!

  8. @louis: If anyone has really grown on NS, it is you and you get better each day. To say most of us are proud of you would be looking like we are being elderly or something. Aondo bless you real good bro.
    @terwizzyvee: Gosh! Where do you get those pictures on the site from? Hmm, what you have is the spice of touch – phew! @Layrite: I no wan laff! Court dispersed with the announcements. :)

  9. Touch of Spice… Hmmm. It was worth it after all. I still can’t get some of the pictures off my mind.

    Great piece, great writers and an unbiased judge. The best, to me, won.

  10. Sueddie, nice review and judgement.
    A whole me had to write romance, phew! What NS can do to people. I really felt that touch of spice when I finished writing it and reading some of the pieces. Glad to pertake in this, at least I won’t have to feel shy again writing sex scenes…
    Well done!

    1. @lancaster: There were four judges o! Hee hee hee. About winning, yes…the best won because everyone, in the end, won.
      @francis: Hmm, I fear o! Romantic Ablyguy! I wonder what else they would make you (and a few of us others ;)) do soon … Strip tease? Yuck!!
      Glad you guys came by. Cheers!

  11. Lol, not bad.

  12. I almost thought I was reading an entry for another competition!
    But, seriously, you said it all @ Sueddie; the satisfaction of the author in his/her work should supersede any comment or prize. At NS, there’s always an opportunity to learn something literary new.
    Thank God I got to know of this wonderful community. It’s like coming back home…

    1. @Kaycee: Yeah, I guess.
      @myself: Hee hee hee… Yeah right! Now, you aint around? I sure knew that your dressing didn’t match that of these parts! Well, with NS, you would always be home… We would try our best to ensure that. Cheers!

  13. Satisfactory review of the competition @sueddie.God bless.

  14. Hehehe…They asked for a touch, and they got a burn….People overdo and this time, it was a good thing…
    @sueddie…That your brother that gave the ‘advice’…was quite on point…I only wonder how much the rubber companies got…The views were crazy!..
    This was a fun review…enjoyed reading it…Cheers Su’…$ß.

  15. @sambrightomo: Salute! Thanks. May Aondo bless us all…
    And you, @sibbylwhyte: Truly, the ‘views’ were crazy – in every sense of that word. Hopefully, you would get to enjoy a lot more than just the review *wink… Hee hee hee. My daughter, bless you.

  16. The thing pack Pepper, no be small…

  17. @sueddie nice review, though i thought it odd that i never got your views on the winning entry. Im kind of annoyed right now, just bought an Ipad 3 and found out, i cant put MS Word on the story i planned on my long transatlantic flight cant be written…..i think youre admin right? can somebody please approve my entry to the dana thingie. One love……….

    1. @lulu…just thought to help.

      Your reply would be approved the moment it gets to your turn…Once it’s on the pending list, it will be scheduled and then it would be posted- provided you followed the guidelines..

      I ain’t into gadgets, so I can’t help out with the phone palaver…How about you check online with the phone manufacturers and go to their ‘help’ site if they have one…Perhaps guys here on NS wld have better ideas…

      1. @sibbylwhyte that is so very helpful, yeah i just talked to someone in Lagos who introduced me to the very elegant concept of ‘jailbreaking’ concerning the tablet…….long story. OK, I will be patient…..and thanks again dear….

  18. @Lulu, big congratulations again on everything. Sorry about the troubles on your submission. @sibbylwhyte: THanks for standing in the gap. Hopefully, all would be well soon.
    Lulu, about that review and not mentioning the winning tale… Hmm…Well, let’s see how to right that wrong. Nice of you to drop by… And by the way, how’s the system now? Any luck with ‘jailbreaking’? What wouldn’t we hear around here? ;)

  19. @petunia007, you know, somehow I looked forward to seeing your story among the list of stories for this competition but you sure have a way of not showing up sometimes abi? Hee hee hee. Well, hope your writing adventures are going on fine at the moment…Hmm

    1. I had my head buried in the clouds somewhere else at that time…lolz thanks for looking out for me.

      1. @petunia007: Next time I would find a way to fly to those clouds to excuse you a few seconds to come out here! Hope you good… Hmm, still can’t believe the difference between you here and there – if you know what I mean ;)

  20. You wrapped it up pretty well, @sueddie. It was a great contest. Congrats to everyone who participated.

  21. @kirutaye: Thank you very much!! The whole thing was much fun. I wonder what NS would bring next. :)

  22. Come to think of it, @shaifamily, did I see your comment here? Abi you no dey too do romance so no wahala?

  23. @sueddie you don “drag” me come hear.
    I cannot match those stories o, abeg! I wear rubber for my eye so tey I ran out of rubbers- then I stopped reading before…before…before:-)

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