Foreigner In England

Foreigner In England

In this foreign land called England
Mama Charlie is grand
My red passport
Is no comfort
Driving a nice car
Is a signal for police escort!
Like a Bull charging for the Matador’s red cape
Surely I’ll be pulled over
Given a once over
In my Motherland
I drive a man without care
Here they call me “Oga sa”.

In this foreign land
How can I be my own man?
When on my own not allowed to stand
How can I own a business?
When I need oyinbo man to be a front man.
All I am is a foolish man
Struggling to live in another man’s land
Plight of a black man
A Nigerian in a foreign land

In this foreign land called England
My fellow Nigerians see it as Graceland
Our Motherland considered wasteland
Truth be told Nigerians are worth their weight in gold
But for a pittance our land we have sold
How can we be bold in another man’s land
When like the prodigal son we continue to squander our inheritance
The time has come to retrace our steps and return home
Though tribe and tongue may differ
In Brotherhood we stand
Like we sang
After the tasting of the pudding
I can tell you

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  1. This lady…You do write well…Well done…$ß.

  2. Wow. Quite on point. I love this @aturmercy and truly, you do write well.

    Keep writing

  3. This is a lovely piece.

  4. This is great.

  5. 9ja for life.On point.You are good,keep writing.

  6. Hm..rily nice!

  7. Nice one…
    Proudly Naija…..

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