Dear Chemistry

A respected sage’s observation mirrored my subconscious thoughts with his saying that law of love always supercedes law of personal liberty. This recountal from experience started out as an adventurous telling but ended on the irony…

For a year more than half a decade, I wondered what my first love would seem like – special, beautiful with integrity and high repute to complement. My parent had already painted a tableau of an ideal lass for me, MBBS; a wench of exemplary virtue, flawless, loved and respected by all inclusive of the rich, the poor, the old and the young, illiterate and educated. She was the apple of everyone’s eyes. Albeit I was unaroused, I swallowed my pride and stooped as low as pick-pocketing a dwarf to give her a shot only to be floored both home and abroad.

And the ultimate search began…

I wandered about for a year short of half a decade and worked tirelessly for close to the same number of days it took earth to orbit around the sun just to get a romantic session with you. Meeting, hugging, kissing and making out with you, at first, felt hunky-dory until I got caught up in the ecstasy not knowing the fantasy was nothing but pure fallacy. Everything seems too good yet surreal but I remained sanguinely optimistic.

Our first year anniversary was marred with solitude grossly attributed to the departure of those closest to my heart and quite unfortunately our second anniversary was unceremonious because you left me in chapter 11.

At a time, I wanted to break up the seemingly futile, funereal and dreary relationship and in all probability start anew with your half-sister (MCB) whom, along the way, I got infatuated to, but I lost the obsessive feelings turned lust just from the first kiss. I vividly remember the online date I had back then in ’08 and how I used to intentionally abuse and embarrass you in the presence of your friends, my friends, our friends, just to make you feel bad about yourself, thinking you will thereby adjust your crooked ways and becoming a little alluring.

I was wrong!!!

It became worse towards the end of our second year as infidelity sets in on your side. I got achingly pissed on realizing how you screwed all my friends, wannabes and haters not even sparing my so-called best man to be; as saints and self acclaimed professors also got served.

Messier things really got in our third year as you turned nympho, screwing me over and over again hoping to send me to an earlier grave but eventually ending up in coma which you still didn’t let go as you kept blowing me time and time again. Our fourth year went by with little or nothing to write home about because all you offered and offered to offer was complete boredom, insomnia and unrest of the mind.

Now all is said and done, my once feeble, still fainted and totally shattered heart is now finally in love with an angel. Writing, my doting secret admirer has now fully taken over the affairs of my heart and the satisfaction, fun, happiness and fulfillment which you denied and deprived me; and the dreams and visions you failed to actualize during the 5-year long journey have all been granted on a platter of diamond in just few months of courtship.

Take it or leave it, Chemistry; Pure, Applied, Industrial or whichever you are… My love for you died a long time ago. All I can say now is good riddance because today March 8th, 2011, I’m dumping you for Writing, she with all axiomatic veracity, is the love of my life and I truly am Lancaster the poetry lover and not a poetaster or an Industrial Chemist as you would have expected me to be.

16 thoughts on “Dear Chemistry” by Ayodeji Lancaster (@lancaster)

  1. Hmmm.


    1. Thanks @uchechukwu1. Yea, it’s good, that I know

  2. I found the ending funny. For a five-year relationship to end that way, you must have a strong love for Writing.

    1. Thanks @chimzorom. Glad you read it. Yea, the love is so strong. It’s the kinda feel when you meet your true love.

  3. Guy, you try for this one. “sanguinely optimistic”: sanguine and optimistic are really the same thing. I like the style and language you used in this piece. Consider honing it to perfection.

    1. Thanks for reading @obiaguomba. I appreciate

  4. 9ice shot bro
    Actually I love writing, but my love for chemistry will always be there..
    When I saw dear chemistry, it was the chemistry that pulled me to read this piece.
    Am studying P/A chemistry myself, and I think if we can combine both writing and the knowledge of chemistry together, it would be a ***

    1. Thanks Chemist @kodeya. Yea, I still have feelings for Chemistry. Atleast I’m gunning for MSc. in it.

      Good to know you read this and honored to have met a lover of chemistry.

  5. I’m gonna say this of myself someday soon. Hopefully.

    Happy that you found this angel, Lancaster. She z the most flexible female I know, and it ain’t from a Lesbo point of view…hehehe…Nice one, and more to ink to your pen, as you consummate this new relationship. She will do you good….Well done…$ß.

    1. Thank you @sibblywhyte. I’m glad you read it and I await to read a tale like this from you soonest….hehehe.

  6. i never loved chemistry as a subject but the chemistry of love is crucial- good write up

    1. Thanks @mikeeffa. Glad you read it

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