Correspondence II (Re: Uphill by Christina Rossetti)

Correspondence II (Re: Uphill by Christina Rossetti)


When I grow old pa, shall I smile?

Aye, about sins now, you shall smile.


Shall I live forever then or fall

You shall answer when Night calls.


Shall I find rest when I grow grey?

Long lasting rest you shall-without pay.


Shall I meet my fellows, old?

Aye, many pregnancies of a thousand ghosts.


Shall darkness then becloud my face?

Not if you care not to count your days.


Shall I be strong, or feel week?

Not if you who your LORD do seek

He guarantees your future’s glee.


And pa, shall I too go uphill?

Son, they way all wayfarers travel still

9 thoughts on “Correspondence II (Re: Uphill by Christina Rossetti)” by Famous Isaacs (@doremi)

  1. Nice, nice!…thoughful questions and wise answers..I love the rhymes…Well done doremi…$ß.

    1. thanks Bubbllinna. drawing my muse from writers like yu

  2. Hmmm, nice one. Ehm, the last line is Son, the way all wayfarers travel still”, right?

    1. oh yes, pls. am sorry abt the error in typography.

  3. Nice one…question and answer format.

  4. Re read, and edit your work before you post.
    This is a good poem.

    1. oh yes you are right. I really should not be having excuses to why a word was wrongly spelt, or ideas not being clearly presented. Every good writer knows that accuracy cannot be taken for granted. I’ll work on that.

  5. Uphill we all go, joor…
    Kudos to you for a nice poem.

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