Broken Threads

Broken Threads

Friends only yesterday

Today, far from fiends

But strangers still

Laughter once shared

Now but impotent echoes

Comity once cherished

Now but a flickering

Droplet of fire

Slowly ebbing away

This raiment of brotherhood

Lies unworn at our feet

Its moth-eaten threads

Broken into a thousand pieces

Never again to be sewn

Or is there indeed

A weaver of fate

To weave us a raiment

From the broken threads

Of our yesterday

(Inspired by the tribute album “Common thread: Songs of the Eagles”)

8 thoughts on “Broken Threads” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. @esosa this is really gud.
    Brings to mind that age-long saying *20 children cannot play together for 20 yrs*
    I have come to terms with that too.
    But again, the last few lines point me back to hope….is it possible?

  2. You make some, you lose some, but some are for ever…

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Enjoyed reading it …

  4. i have been here before so i can relate….good job sir!

  5. Creative piece. Enjoyed it. Watch ur tenses.

  6. good job – life goes on

  7. Adulthood is the quencher of childhood’s flame, my broda.

  8. Very well written. I very well relate to this cos presently, I’m in a kinda situation…
    Well done.

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