Blast But Alas!

It was a journey we made together

With heads high by Heroes past

And voices that shut the sailors

Coming across the Atlantic

Our treasures to steal

A journey for the future

Building the rugged plains of Nigeria,

Into the hopeful rays of an emerging wonder

And when they are gone

Power now rest with us

Together we have come

Coming far away from their Neos

Struggling to take a stand, a name

Within the community of nations

A struggle still far

Far from success and fame

And yet we blast?

Why do you blast?

Blast a brother, a fellow country man?

What is the difference?

A Muslim as to a Christian

A Northerner as to a Southerner

A Wealthy as to a Poor

A Genius as to an Ignoramus

When the same God we praise

And the same flag we hail

When the same conscience we have

And the same anger we may express

Even when some have chosen

The path of self control and restrain

And you blaster!

To blast fellows you blast you

Where is your gain?

What is your fame?

And you sender,

How mighty you are

Mighty indeed to behold

Behold the death of many

While their blood

Rests clearly on thy hands,

Keep on with your keeps

We may mourn,

But God laughs at you

So, Blast but Alas.






7 thoughts on “Blast But Alas!” by Jo (@josephoguche)

  1. NICE!

    I enjoyed the wordplay ‘you blaster/to blast fellows you blast you’


    Nice! Nice! The sad part is – the blasters and senders will not read this.

    Or will they?

    Carry onn!

  2. Nice, I ditto @seun-odukoya. Will they get to read this? That’s rhetorical, isn’t it?

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Thanks guys … Somehow, someway, the message will go far …

  4. It won’t go far by sitting here. Share it.

  5. Kudos, man. This is it! On the line “Rests clearly on thy hands”, I would have used “your” instead of “thy”, in keeping with the other pronouns in the piece.

  6. The blasters would go on to live long lives even after ending others.
    That’s the annoyance of life.

    1. Jo (@josephoguche)

      God Himself will bring them to book …

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