An Ancient Con

An Ancient Con

They front a frightful mien,

Life’s vicissitudes

And present a spectre of utter doom.

You’ve numbed virile faculties

With dread of what has been

Or is to come.

And such is the way of the ancient con,

Hatched from time immemorial

To exercise anxious travelers

And halt the advance of Progress

By way of banal troubles.


Get the shackles off that man!

He’s got places to go

Pull off the facade

And reveal a standing trick.

He is boxing shadows

Whilst time slips by

He is wrestling phantoms

And his mojo goes to ruin

By way of banal troubles.


I mean to say, dear comrade

The surest path, from hence thither

Demands laser’s focus.

Close your mind’s eye then, if need be

To presentations of apparent reality

And stay the course, lest you fall

For an ancient con

By way of banal troubles.


19 thoughts on “An Ancient Con” by Obisike (@obiaguomba)

  1. i love it………….nice one bro

    1. Thanks, I appreciate

  2. Okay.

    I think this is addressing the issues; the fictional challenges people place in front of you as reasons why you can/you can’t succeed at whatever you do – right?

    I like it. I feel it.

    That’s what it communicates to me anyways.

    1. You’re right on, bro. Thanks, @Seun-Odukoya

  3. Nice one. Welldone

    1. Thanks, @lancaster. Always appreciated

  4. Banal troubles…..bumps on his highway, ordinary distractions.
    Thanks for words bro…..

    1. Thanks, @charles. It has really bugged me how some troubles are so senseless that we have to look for the real trouble elsewhere.

  5. Who be this?
    This is awesome.

    1. @kaycee, who be this? Thanks, bro.

  6. Very nice… real good.

  7. Nice one…i like it

  8. Nice one
    That ancient con that presents a front that shields from the main course…
    Beautifully written
    And I like that you didn’t infuse too much impositions to get the point across.
    It reads as nicely as it flows.
    Good job!

    1. thanks, bro

  9. I had to read your poem thrice before I got the sense in it. Really, we have to begin to face reality and stop living in illusion and deceit.

    Well done.

    1. @babyada, I’m glad you did get the sense in it. Thank you.

  10. Really enjoyed this. Weldone.

  11. bros please keep writing- and since you have brought it out to read i can assure you success is very near you

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