Nigeria’s state of mind
the blind leading the blind
everybody’s keeping their find
we’ve forgotten how to be kind
selfishness, basis of our orientation
illiteracy, rock of our foundation
slowly dying of knowledge starvation
parasitic leaders feeding on the ignorance of the people
oppression testing the tolerance of the simple
burden of humility weighing down on the humble
gradually the cookie crumbles
smoothness of a frown wrinkles
the bells of mischief jingles
instinct for survival kicks in
the fastest way to make the richest living
the oddest way to make life even
tired of waiting for opportunity to be created
i don’t wanna be buried, i wanna be cremated
situation of things gets fraud activated
the young taking after the old
every gender digging on fools gold
embezzlement comes in ten folds
everyone with different stories to be told
corruption, the normal way of life
indiscipline and we, like beans with rice
unable to see what’s in front of our eyes
buying the goods without paying the price
speeding through a road check
heading into a nasty ass wreck
everything’s a risk, what the heck!
the line of thought to refrain
a speck of dust for brains
it gets muddy when it rains
illegalities are made legal
riches stay with the regal
disease of the poor remains fatal
poverty, a kind of chronic cancer
our past, the dead, took us to the peak
our present, the fathers, pulling us down as we speak
our future, the kids, the will to rebuild is weak
the wake of our tomorrow looks bleak
the cure for AIDS, a mystery
the same goes for my country
a rebel’s head for a bounty
now with all the matter on the table
we’re on a fervent search for a miracle
an urgent need to visit the oracle
fix up a solution that is durable
is it doable?

9 thoughts on “Airegin” by yhemie (@eimehy)

    1. is it?…@kaycee…..doable?….or we’re too unstable to be able?

  1. I hear you brother! Say it like it is! Nice one.

  2. Hmmm….Interesting.Make it more poetic.Well done

  3. the bell/s/ of mischief jingle/s/- bells jingle or bell jingles; get rid of one “s”
    “fool[‘]s gold”

    I enjoyed this much, not as a poem but as a song. Somewhere in my head, I could hear some Nigerian musician’s voice; wish they sang more of such reasonable stuff as this. Well, that’s the least of our problems.

    You did well in listing our wahala’s and I like the rhymes.

    1. Aha! The title, just noticed that. Shey, it’s Nigeria read from behind; just as in that name, things are definitely going the wrong way.

      1. very observant of you….@chimzorom….

        1. @eimehy why didn’t you just type the whole thing backwards? Would av been fun reading it that way….

    2. U just sounded my mind too. I am reading it the second time…but again, poetry is also song. So, d brother really has got his GROOVE on!

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