A Night of Pixels

They had been dating for three months and things had been going well, except that seeing each other frequently had been difficult. Their relationship had almost become a long distance one in spite of their abodes being apart by a driving distance of twenty minutes. She was busy with school and he with work. Most communication had been via phone calls or IMs and even these were not as regular as they would have both hoped.

She had come to his house twice since they started seeing each other and had done so unannounced, meeting his house reflecting an embarrassing part of his personality–a guy who struggled to be tidy. On her last visit, she had met his clothes strewn across the bed in his bedroom and unwashed plates from his afternoon meal lying on one corner of the floor. His living room had not been better off. Books and magazines had sat on the settee in positions that were not easy on the eye. His video game and movie DVD’s had been lying carelessly about, some of them entangled in a twine of extension boxes and wires. He had mumbled something to her then–as he quickly made to set the house in order–about having been busy throughout that week because he had been engaged on a demanding construction site from dusk to dawn of everyday. She had smiled then and taken over from him despite his insistence that he be left to tidy up his mess. The house had turned out all clean and airy in the end–something he had been really grateful for.

They had hardly settled down to talk–on that day, when her phone rang. The caller had been her CHEN 521 lecturer, someone she had been trying to see for a whole month. Madam lecturer wanted to see her in thirty minutes and so she had left immediately, pleading with him not to be offended, that she would make it up to him. He had cursed that lecturer in his mind for robbing him of what would have been a fun evening with his girl. A few flashes of those sweet smiles of her’s, as she went out, had done a lot to appease him then, leaving him with no choice but to see the other side of the matter.

Today, she was coming to see him. By 6pm. He hoped their meeting would be special.

There was a knock on the door.

“Who’s by the door?” he cooed. He knew who it was. She always knocked like that. A slow tat…tat…tat, followed by a fast version of the same. He just wanted to hear her voice before she came in. He looked at his wrist watch. The time was 6.07pm. Impressive for a lady, he thought.

“It’s me babe. I came to arrest you.”

“Hmmm…that’s fine.” He said, as he walked towards the door giggling, making funny faces and waving his hands in the air like a small child.
“I don’t mind being arrested by your smile. I only hope I have the right to remain silent as I stand in awe of you.” He opened the door slightly, slithered out and closed it behind him. She was frowning. He was smiling. She was stunning.

“Is there a lady in this house of your’s?”

“Uhm…yeah. She is sleeping and doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Ok. I guess I would have to arrest two people then.”

“Can I say something before we are both taken to the station?”

” Yeah, I guess. Your right to be silent is what it is–a right. Not an order.”

He drew close to her, cocked his head to the side, fashioned his lips into that trademark sexy grin of his and froze for effect before speaking.

“I am happy to see you and will not do anything to hurt you for any price in the world.” He paused. “You may now arrest me sherrif. With your smile”

She couldn’t hold up the act anymore. Her lips parted, slowly unmasking a nicely packed dentition that featured a lovely narrow gap at the upper middle. “Owww–kaay” I drop your charges,” she said, now smiling broadly. They both giggled.

“Now, will you please let me in?”

“Yes madam, but you shall come in with your eyes closed.”

“Eyes closed?” She was surprised.

“Yaaap. And don’t you start thinking what I think you might be thinking. I have a surprise for you sweet lady. A positive one.” He quickly positioned himself behind her and gently placed his palms over her eyes. “I think you would like it,” he said softly to her ear as he kicked open the door and nudged her forward, gently.

“Babe, this surprise had better make sense O, with this funny way you are leading me on like a prisoner. I thought I was supposed to be the sherrif here.”

“Ha ha ha,” he laughed slowly. “Don’t worry madam sherrif. I don’t do disappointments.”

He swiveled his left leg towards the door when they got in and closed it with a gentle push. Slowly, he guided her through the living room, past the lobby by the right and into the bedroom, closing the door behind them.

“Open your eyes,” he said as he brought his hands down and clasped them behind him like a captain on a ship.

“Wow, your room looks really good. And tidy,” she said, giving him fleeting looks of smiles as she scanned the room. She noticed he had changed the sheets from the worn brown one she knew to this attractive purple one with various coloured pebbles patterned on it. The new pillow cases had the same patterns too but were of a lighter shade of purple. The two adjoining walls by the bed had been painted orange. It was when she turned to face the other two walls now painted ice blue that she saw what she believed to be the main surprise.

“Oh my God! This is so nice!” There was a beautiful oil painting of her encased in a cobalt-white aluminium frame hanging on the wall. She drew close and was amazed by the level of detail and impressionist realism that had been worked into the painting. Her eyes seemed like they would pop out from it, and the dress of this clone of her’s was stunning–like nothing she had ever owned. She felt like a Mona Lisa.

“Where did you do this? I mean this is absolutely amazing.”

“I painted it. About a week ago.”

“You did what…? Oh–My–God! How? Where? When? You never told me you could paint?” Her widely opened eyes and the rush of her questions clearly communicated disbelief. How he loved to see her like that. Her eyes were the reason he took interest in her the first day he saw her. They were moon bright and sparkled in ways that made him think of springs and crystal clear streams. Her eye lashes were dark and long, curling up toward heaven. Those eyes simply stretched the limit of optic beauty for him, especially now that they sparkled with excitement. He had to step up his game at surprising her. Getting this look was truly something to always hope for.

“Well, I have told you when. As for how, let’s just say I have a strong flair for art. I was on it for about two weeks, here in this room. I tell you, you wouldn’t have been able to stay here for a minute then. It was chaos raised to the power of four!” They both laughed. “I am very happy you like it though. It would go with you when you leave tonight.”

She went over and hugged him, driving light waves of pleasant currents through his body, in the brief moment her breasts pressed against his chest. “I really appreciate this babe,” she said pulling slowly away from him, “and to think my boyfriend is an amazing artist. You just scored a very good point in my scorecard. I never told you I love art did I?”

“You never did but I kinda deciphered that. You’ve liked a lot of art and fashion pages on Facebook you know. Our ‘infrequent’ talks and your comments on Facebook gave away some hints too.”

“Hehehehe. Hmmm…my boyfriend is also a detective. Interesting.” She sat on the bed. He brought out chocolates on a tray and sat down with her, placing the tray on the bed. They each took one and nibbled away.

After some thirty minutes of eating more chocolates, chatting about her school, his work and their families; he decided it was best they move to the living room. The time was almost 7pm.

“Why don’t we go watch TV in the living room?”

“Yeah that will be nice,” she replied as she stretched her hand to be drawn up.

“Lazy girl,” he teased, happy to oblige.

As they walked into the living room, he made sure to be a step ahead, almost walking sideways, just so he could keep his eyes fixed on her face. He watched as her eyes widened like he had never seen them. They were total beauties this time.

The living room she had known had been chased away by a hanging garden of pictures. There were pictures of her everywhere. In various sizes. All stuck at different heights to long thread-like lights hanging from the ceiling at various points. She could see every picture clearly, thanks to the wonderful interplay of the various spot lights in the room and the backlight from the hanging threads. It was magical. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak–only open her mouth in wonder. It seemed impossible for her to even begin to quantify the time and effort he had put into this.

“How…how did you do this?” she stuttered, still incredulous, her eyes almost teary–finally speaking. He came to her side and pulled her gently to the center of the room where the light was brightest. He placed his hands on her shoulders and slid them down her arms. Slowly. Till he found her soft slender fingers and locked them with his, all the while piercing her eyes with his gaze.

“It doesn’t matter,” he whispered, turning to look around at his creation, aware of the tingling currents now moving slowly round his body. He unlocked his hands from her’s and slid them round her waist, gently pulling her close to him. Then he stared at those eyes again.

“All that matters is that I care about you. So much. In ways you would not understand. All I want now is for we both to be enmeshed in the frozen capture of your essence. That hangs about us.”

It is true that the eyes are the windows of the soul for in that moment, in those amazing eyes of her’s, he saw the reward for his labours: she felt special and was truly happy. He felt the time was right to consummate their relationship–first base. So he kissed her. Lightly. Barely brushing her lips. He felt the light tremor that journeyed through her and knew he was surely right. He kissed her again. Deeper. Searching. She responded. With equal measure. Then, as their lips took to quenching the mutual thirst that had built up in their hearts, clinging to each other with an undiscovered blend of tenderness and passion; he finally found the answers he sought, all encapsulated in one truth.

She was the most amazing thing that had ever walked into his life.

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  1. Hmmm.

    ‘A Night Of Pixels.

    I like the double-speak in that title…how he paints…has her pictures all over – and then how he loves her eyes. How they widen in effect…

    And of course…pixels collect little things and make them big – which is what this story did. Capture a moment in the life of a couple and made an event out of it.

    Chemo…this is lovely.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya: Thanks a lot bro. These your words are super encouraging!

  2. @chemokopi, u no go kill me o. Men, this left me so so breathless! Romantic, man! I felt it! Well done!! Gawd! This is it! *pls edit, a couple of typos here and there. Well done bruv!! U rock! U r d ‘men’!!

    1. *blushing deeply* You are too kind @fiyinsiku! Your words encourage me beyond measure! Thank you!

  3. Ok,
    I agree, you are good.

    1. Thanks @kaycee. I appreciate the acknowledgment. We strive to be better.

  4. Whoa!…It is BEAUTIFUL! no more words….Well done Sam…$ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte: Thanks Bubbllinna! You are too kind!

  5. Hmmm. This is what I call a real romance story. nice on @chemokopi. You’re a great writer and I know you know I know you know.

  6. Hehehe…@lancaster: I like the play with words…you are just too kind my bro! Thanks for the acknowledgment. We strive to be better.

  7. @Chemokopi, this was sweet. And I mean honey sweet; the kind of ‘sweet’ that has you licking your lips and savouring the sensation long after it has physically left the palate.

    I can imagine how ecstatic the MC’s girlfriend must have been [1] seeing his house clean; [2] seeing the painting of her, not knowing he could paint and [3] seeing the many other paintings and decorations. The MC should be locked away for setting the standard too high for us men!

    Since you asked earlier, the tenses were generally OK. There were one or two ‘woulds’ instead of ‘wills’.

    Why ‘Night of Pixels’ rather than ‘Night of Pictures’? When I think of pixels, I think of digital art. Was that the intention?

    Anyway, well done – please accept 20 points.

  8. @TolaO: Looolz! High standards for men abi? Hehehe!

    I can’t thank you enough Tola for your kind words and your gift of points–They are super encouraging! Thanks! We keep improving.

    To the pixel point: actually the hanging pictures were not paintings but printed pictures of the MC’s girlfriend, that he meticulously sourced from different places. That was the main spectacle of the night, hence the use of ‘pixels’ in the title. It was also possible for the hanging lights to shine through the pictures because they were printed on translucent photo paper (light shining through paintings usually makes them look terrible because of the brush strokes). ‘Printed pictures’ might have been a better tag owing to the potential conflict of meaning that cold arise from my previous reference to a painting.

    As for the ‘would’s and ‘will’s, I would (is this use correct?) have to study more on their exact use: they keep getting me confused! And if you can spare the time to highlight examples of the interchange, I would be most grateful. But then, you have done much already…and I do appreciate.

    Thanks again!

  9. I enjoyed this. @chemo, u too much.

    1. Thanks @louis: You are too kind!

  10. OMG! What are you doing to me with this story?? This is awesome. Beautiful. Very romantic in a mild but electrifying way.. I love this writer and his story… Welldone.

  11. @gooseberry: Awwww…thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate!

    *aside: what was the story doing to you? Hehehe…hehehe.*

  12. Ah! The master does it again! Another hot steamy …..SPICY one, lol! Good work men, excellent build up, very spell binding,good work!

    1. Thanks a lot @nicolebassey. Your kind words give me joy! I strive to improve. Thanks.

  13. @chemokopi why u con end d story na…? U SABI WELL WELL!!!

    1. @sambrightomo: you know now, na short story. No be novel…hehehe. Thank you brother! I gbadu your hailing no be small!

  14. @chemokopi: Tasted like warm horlicks on a cold night. Now the girlfriends and wives will have demands! You rock man.

    1. @omojola: Hahaha….demands abi? Hmmm…well let’s see how the guys in the house will handle the situation…lol. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

  15. @chemokopi
    a blessed hand……………..

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