I want to win your heart back

I really do

I want to win your heart back.


I want to win your heart back

Like I was at a county fair

Or alone in an amusement park

And it was up for grabs like the huge teddy bear


I would drop all my tokens

And spend all my coin

Drop every single notion

That you weren’t worth knowing


When we were young and oh so sweet

When my loss for words was at its peak

When I would practice lines before I speak

Look at your face and forget every single one


I want to win your heart back

Like it was ever mine…

…Its still worth a gamble

I would write every line


That would get your attention

And put my mind at ease

That you could still love me

With all my misdeeds


I want to win your heart back

Like I was playing poker and

I lost it

in my last hand


Now I’m going all in

Its all or nothing

I’ll put my heart on the table

…You know I aint bluffing


I want to win your heart back

Even if its the last thing I do

I’ll be in an endless sleep

And I’ll be dreaming of you

8 thoughts on “1up” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. And that’s that.

    Simple. I like that.

    Nice one.

    1. Thanks Seun…

  2. Why did you lose it at first?
    Go ahead and gamble for it then. Maybe you’ll appreciate it more now.

    Your ‘Its’ should have been ‘It’s’

    Well done.

  3. Go and win the heart na and stop worrying us.

  4. I like the last line most and generally, very nice poem.

  5. nice. how much are you willing to pay.

  6. good piece of creativity here……..

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