How very hard I’ve tried

To understand the whims of the Good Lord


I think each time He laughs

A baby graces the earth


I think the roses bloom forth

With His every smile


At His leisure

He casts pebbles in the seas

And what magnificent waves they make


Love blossoms and showers the earth

With every breath He takes


How zealously I have pondered

But still can I not fathom

Why He would let a good man die

19 thoughts on “Why?” by anyilala (@anyilala)

  1. It’s time for the good man to rest.

    And besides – all the answers to those questions you asked? They are your opinions…your understanding of those things. It may/may not be the truth.

    Nice one.

    1. Thanks@Seun: Reckon I can only account for the things that go on in my head and my sometimes over-active imaginations

  2. Nice and Simple. But…if His actions were but mere whims, then It stands to reason that He is no longer the ‘Good’ Lord now is he? The character of God is planned, calculated, definite…
    Why do good men die? We don’t live in a perfect world…

    1. Thanks@Odia. He is always the Good Lord. He created poets too and allows us self-expression.

  3. Now, this is something…’simple’ as some would say…but pregnant…see the last few lines…golden!

  4. Philosophical.
    God didn’t let any good man die. He had nothing to do with the death.

    1. @Kaycee: I guess this depends on who you ask

  5. …..But God allowed the good man to die
    I have thought of all these before,so gracious and yet…..I keep remembering my uncle,that man did not deserve to die..hm,let me stop here,God is still God.

    1. Whoa@Gretel: Best compliment I ever got. I think you’re in tune with what inspired this piece. Thanks once again.

  6. This made me cry.

    1. Awwwwww@gretel: Didn’t mean to do that. The good part is am glad it touched you enough to elicit such an emotion. Hope the tears have dried now

      1. yea….thanks again,Good work

  7. Beautiful Poem. Splendid Imagination.

    1. Thanks@Eletrika. I appreciate

  8. Aaah….Now this is it, that place the soul of a man ponders what makes the maker tick.

    You have captured the essence of the BEING. I often think that the good he calls back to keep himself company.

    I believe there is really no death because that puts a finality to man…and as long as one accepts the existence of the BEING and man is of him ,then there can really be no end; since he is infinite.
    Does not stop us from pondering though, this is so well expressed.

    1. Thanks a lot@Dotta: You see me coming from a mile away.

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