A Man’s Man, That I am

A Man’s Man, That I am

I’m a man!

I growl, bellow, belch sometimes yellow,
But still a man I am
I chase, I flirt with anything in a skirt,
Who says I’m not a Man!
From birth I’m told superior and bold
Qualities I have as a man.
Women I behold duties to uphold and console
Shows the true man I am.
Emotions I’m told, not mine to show
The manner of man I am.
Feelings no squealing, things I keep hidden
Shows the strong man I am.
Family I’m keeping, comfort giving
Allows me pleasures outside.
Never home early, wife thinks of me dearly
Surely makes me a man.
Smoking, groping, swigging no moping
Make me the street smart guy I am.
Wife beating, all controlling
Shows the no nonsense man I am.

Now I’m old, my legacy I’m told
Leads to Judgment of what manner of man I am.
Such thoughts leave me cold, not feeling bold
I wish I could turn back the hands of time.
Feelings are gold, emotions showing bold
Makes me human now I know.
The lost years: I care,
Time thrown away without fear
A past lost, a treasure I would gladly hold dear.
What a confusion! A bully for a man
How sad to know this man I am.

31 thoughts on “A Man’s Man, That I am” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. Well, being that kind of Man, leaves you a sad huMan in the end…Nice..

    ‘sometimes yellow’? What’s that?…Nywaiz, you keep writing Mercy…Welldone…$ß

    1. Well, I think sometimes the rhymes just have to rhyme. Don’t you notice that yellow rhymes somehow with bellow?

      1. Lol…ProfNigeria, I couldn’t help but laugh. Thanks.

  2. Your lines are cool; almost funny and full of meaning. Behind them, I can sense your disinterested disapproval of that kind of man.

    1. EXACTLY.

      You took those words out of my mouth.


      1. @Seun-Odukoya thanks, your mouth speaks the truth. I appreciate.

    2. ProfNigeria, thanks.

      You are totally correct. You get my point and know my standpoint.

      1. Exactly my point too,most men are like this :p nice one.

        1. Thanks Gretel.

  3. RIO (@riowrites)

    I like the humour in the blatancy of his assertions.

    1. Thanks, Rio. Your comments are valued.

  4. So sad. Cool poem.

    1. Yes Gooseberry, sad but true.

      thanks you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate both your time and comments.

  5. @aturmercy this is so cool! Finally the male ego takes a knock or two. Actually in this case, many.

    There is strength in weakness fellas….and @sonotel…His reference to yellow acknowledges cowardice,

    1. @Dotta you are right, yellow in this poem refers to cowardice.

      Thank you for not only reading but commenting. Totally appreciated.

  6. Really cool poem. I wish all men…and women would read!

    1. @Adaobiokwy, your appreciation is much appreciated. Thanks

  7. wow…an arrogant boast of a misconception. Powerful poem that starts with a display of annoying hubris and ends in blatant regret…though I wish the after-effects of being such a man was more expressed and carried more weight in the second part.

    Nice poem…definitely thought provoking!

    1. @Afronuts thanks for the appreciation.

      I hear you on the after-effects of being such a man, its just that nothing came to me, but this is still a pointer for future poems.


  8. *Pour me water*…….
    “Before destruction comes eruption of pride”….
    Nice one dear and thoughts provoking….
    hope all men learn from this and place their priority(ies) right….

    *Thump Up*

    1. greatness4life thanks for taking the time to not only read, but also comment. People like you encourage people like me. Thanks for the appreciation.

  9. @aturmercy,this is an arrow shot into the hearts of many “strong men”. 2many lessons to learn…your pen’s got brilliant ink. Two thumbs up 4 u.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your glowing comments.

  10. K. Message taken.

  11. I definitely like the thoughtfulness that went into this, and the use of words was good too.

    1. Thank you Myne. I appreciate your comments.

  12. @mercy, here is my humble observation. U ar quite prolific….an aptitude for works of this significance does nt come to everybody. If u kip up wif dis kip pace, it will only be a matter of time before the nobel prize people beckon u. Am dead serious…dis is no mere flattering. Well done

    1. Wow! ichadgreat! I’m humbled and pleased that you think of as such. Thank you so much.

      I appreciate your comments and the time taken to read as well.

  13. …..Shet mehn…
    Good one…

    1. Praises coming from you…priceless!

      Thanks bro.

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