Touch of Spice Competition – And the Winners Are…

Touch of Spice Competition – And the Winners Are…

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in this writing contest, and especially to Worldreader, the major sponsors. We also appreciate the time and effort on the part of the judges including the RWoWA members who brought their romance writing and publishing experience to bear in selecting the shortlist.

The final judges have finished reviewing the submissions and the following three stories came to the top of the scoreboard.

The Scent of Waters – WINNER
Sticky Situation – First Runner Up
To a Brother With Love – Second Runner Up

Congrats to the winners, your stories really stood out. Your points will be credited to you, and you can redeem them immediately according to payment guidelines. The rest of the stories will receive consolation prizes of 1000NS points each. All the stories will be considered for publication on the Worldreader app, and we will keep the writers updates on any progress. Cheers!

A Little Thrill
Sweet as a Rose
The Bet
Love Your Neighbour
Deep From Within
Love is an Opioid
Uloma Makes Her Move
Strange Love
The Basics Are
A Touch of Spice

33 thoughts on “Touch of Spice Competition – And the Winners Are…” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Profile photo of lactoo
    lactoo (@louis): Scribe - 17895 pts

    Thats nice. The scent of waters. Lulu lufago. Yeah! Winner.
    Anyways, congrats.

  2. Profile photo of Eletrika
    Eletrika (@babyada): Head Wordsmith - 46054 pts

    Congrats Jare everyone. At least we tried. Definitely, everyone can’t be a winner.

  3. Profile photo of ablyguy
    ablyguy (@francis): Senior Scribe - 22388 pts

    Congrats to the winners. It’s good.

  4. Profile photo of Sueddie Agema
    Sueddie Agema (@sueddie): Head Wordsmith - 53197 pts

    Congratulations to the winners. You deserve to be proud of your achievement.
    By winners, of course I mean everyone who contested. For trying at all and doing their best, they are winners too in more ways than one. Cheers.

  5. Profile photo of Seun-Odukoya
    Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya): Head Wordsmith - 110842 pts

    Yes O!

    The stories were so many – I don’t think I read through a third of it. But man, Lulu’s story deserves to win as far as I’m concerned.

    Congratulations to EVERYONE. No be beans!


  6. Profile photo of Da Writing Engineer
    Da Writing Engineer (@banky): Wordsmith - 35017 pts

    Hmmnnn. Nice one. Congrats to my naughty bubbly @bubbllinna. I am proud of you and I know better days are ahead. And yes, I am proud of myself too jare. I try. *claps for myself* Love story ko?

  7. Profile photo of Akalugwu Chinyere
    Akalugwu Chinyere (@gooseberry): Scribe - 13704 pts

    Congratulations @all… Lulufa, your story was beautiful, specially the beginning. Congrats to you.

    You all are winners to me. Congrats.

  8. Profile photo of Ayodeji Lancaster
    Ayodeji Lancaster (@lancaster): Writer - 6559 pts

    Congrats to Lulu. I knew there was something about “Scent of water”.

    Congratulations to all who participated. Expecting better next time

  9. Profile photo of shadiat
    shadiat (@shadiat): Writer - 8966 pts

    OMG! Congrats to the winners,

  10. Profile photo of shadiat
    shadiat (@shadiat): Writer - 8966 pts

    OMG! Congrats to the winners, it was fun being part of the contest. But am surprised sha – thought To a Brother With Love would come first. It’s all good tho. Big ups Lulufa.

  11. Profile photo of Naboulove
    Naboulove (@naboulove): Writer - 7106 pts

    Congratulations to the winners. IT was great participating to this contest. I also enjoyed reading the stories . Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my story & for the comments & corrections. I am very grateful.

  12. Profile photo of chemokopi
    chemokopi (@chemokopi): Head Wordsmith - 294451 pts

    Congratulations to the winners! May this be the beginning of greater things!

  13. Profile photo of mikeeffa
    mikeeffa (@mikeeffa): Writer - 8441 pts

    gosh, am glad to have been a part of it and while all of us cant win at the same time to the winners i say three gbosa- please keep the contest coming well done Naija stories.

  14. Profile photo of Lulu
    Lulu (@Lulu): Wordsmith - 32089 pts

    In the words of Stephen King, “Thank you very much. Thank you all. Thank you for the applause and thank you for coming. I’m delighted to be here but, as I’ve said before in the last five years, I’m delighted to be anywhere.” Let me be honest, its always nice to win laurels, but in the end we are all victors because we get to better our craft. The quality of writing on NS has gone through the roof and my appreciation to Myne Whitman for devoting her time and resources to make a place for us writers to call ‘home’. Don’t rest on your laurels. Somewhere after the next dawn you will reap bountifully. To Seun Odukoya, much love bro, no homo….and to the great writers who we shall defn be hearing from,howyoudey, bubblina, midas, lactoo, much respect…

    1. Profile photo of Seun-Odukoya
      Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya): Head Wordsmith - 110842 pts

      Congrats, Lulu. Appreciate the word out!

      Well done everyone.

  15. Profile photo of sambright
    sambright (@sambrightomo): Head Wordsmith - 187951 pts


  16. Profile photo of Bubbllinna
    Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte): Head Wordsmith - 125285 pts

    Oh well, to say I am suprised would seem bogus, but it’s the truth..

    I can’t thank the NS family well enough for making me feel welcome, making me a better writer…That we keep going higher is my wish and prayer..

    To all the contestants; we are all winners, it’s the satisfaction we get from our stories that counts..

    And to the lovely people who believed in the girl named Bubbllinna, Muchas gracias and God bless….(you know yourselves.)

    To Myne whitman; You are a treasure! Respect!…and that goes to other admin members…God bless y’all.

  17. Profile photo of Dotta Raphels
    Dotta Raphels (@dottaraphels): Wordsmith - 31230 pts

    WOW….I’m truly surprised with the results.

    Well, congratulation to you all family…every single one of you is a winner!

    This was like asking a mother to choose a favorite child…I sure didnt envy the judges positions, well done Admin, your encouragement is amazing.

  18. Profile photo of Julius Bokoru
    Julius Bokoru (@africanromantic): Writer - 8910 pts

    I would appreciate if votings are scrapped for contest. The newbies stood no chance. Let a judge do a judges work. But hey, there is nothing like an undeserved winner. Congrats to the winners

  19. Profile photo of howyoudey
    howyoudey (@howyoudey): Head Wordsmith - 161937 pts

    Whoa! This is a surprise…a pleasant one in deed!

    First, I thank my God for the blessing.

    I still say Myne for President!
    Lulufa for Vice President
    Bubbllinna for Minister of Arts and Culture
    Me? I’ll take the Minister of Treasury (does that exist?) porfolio.
    Of Nigeria, of course!

    Seriously: When I read Bubbllinna’s piece, I said “Wow, what a mind!” And to think that she wrote it from her CELL PHONE! Ok, you got skilz, girl. And then I read Lulu’s piece and I told him that his piece was the bomb (no, not that one you’re thinking)!

    What a buffet! So much to read and so little time. Made worse by the fact that I’m on my annual sojourn, traversing several West African villages from Burkina Faso to Togo to Afaha.

    A Little Thrill blew me away, and I can go down the line citing pieces that did several different things to me. The point is that we have something here, folks, and sooner or later the world will recognize.

    Peace Out.

    1. Profile photo of chemokopi
      chemokopi (@chemokopi): Head Wordsmith - 294451 pts

      @howyoudey: hahaha…nice one!

  20. Profile photo of midas
    midas (@midas): Writer - 8493 pts

    Congratulations to y’all. I think the first tinge of success comes with finishing a story you believe in.

    This indeed has been a wonderful outing, and I must say reading these works has been a motivation for me . I feel the exhiliration that all of you who participated must have felt, cos some of these works felt like something I wish was my personal brainchild and some, I can’t help feeling was my stolen thoughts plagiarized on NS :). That is the beauty in good story-telling…that resounding familiarity and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    Thank y’all for giving us a wonderful time on NS.

  21. Profile photo of jonnysnow
    jonnysnow (@jonnysnow): Junior Writer - 2734 pts


  22. Profile photo of aturmercy
    aturmercy (@aturmercy): Junior Writer - 1339 pts

    @Admin! Admin! Admin!

    A round of applause for admin, people.

    I thought this would be a popularity contest and not truly based on the merit of the writing, then came the judges and their comments and I thought what exactly do they know… now in the aftermath of it all, I must confess that I’m truly impressed with admin’s choice of judges, the judges and the outcome of the competition. Kudos Admin!

    Echoing the voice of others, everyone is a winner, you took the time to write and hone your writing skills, you did way better than I have done or would do. I have read some amazing, enthralling stories and I am glad to be a member of this community of talented and budding writers.

    Kudos to everyone.

  23. Profile photo of kaycee
    kaycee (@kaycee): Head Wordsmith - 158984 pts


  24. Profile photo of MCO II
    MCO II (@nitram27): Senior Scribe - 21727 pts

    well done, everyone. Onward…

  25. Profile photo of osakwe
    osakwe (@osakwe): Scribe - 10439 pts

    Congrats all.
    I did think scent of waters deserved to win.

  26. Profile photo of adams
    adams (@coshincozor): Scribe - 14661 pts


  27. Profile photo of Thomasmann
    Thomasmann (@drzhivago): Junior Writer - 4296 pts

    i knew the scent of water was gonna
    win something

  28. Profile photo of henry c.onyema
    henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo): Head Wordsmith - 331970 pts

    I warmly congratulate the winners and thank Naijastories and World Reader for this competition. Though I did not win I got great feedback and it will encourage me to do better work in the genre of erotic fiction. I appreciate LULU, ESPECIALLY. The chap is a pro.

  29. Profile photo of Raymond
    Raymond (@raymond): Head Wordsmith - 52632 pts

    Congrats y’all… Let’s see what the next competition will be… More of this @Admin pls…

  30. Profile photo of enoquin
    enoquin (@enoquin): Head Wordsmith - 51611 pts

    Congrats to everyone

  31. Profile photo of layrite
    layrite (@layrite): Senior Scribe - 24793 pts

    CONGRATS TO NS! And the winners!!! And those who participated!!!!

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