The Naked Nun

The Naked Nun

A beautiful soul wrapped in innocence
Lit up the whole place with her presence
A glow at every sentence
A treasure unaware of its existence
Face filled with honest exuberance
Ignorant of her ignorance
A new born baby
Steadily on her way to becoming a lady
Her smile drives me crazy
Drifting through a dreamy path that’s hazy
I encountered a dimple
Sophisticated but yet simple
Curves at a smooth angle
Hair messed up in a sexy tangle
If she’s the stakes, I’ll gamble
The luscious black lips soft to nibble
Drop south a bit and you’re at a dark nipple
Okay, let’s back up a notch, people
Her back straightens up when restless
She radiates a cute shyness
My plans for her are endless
Call me careless, I couldn’t care less
For me, I choose the best
The best, not a pest
Ma arms as a nest
Ma chest, a palace of rest
Guarding ma heart like a bulletproof vest
Someone I know a bit about
Told her I judge by the words of mouth
Found her guilty with no trace of doubt
Nothing this good comes easy
Some other guy has gotten busy
Could live with the fondle and the cuddle
Hope they’ve not crossed the bed hurdle
Don’t wanna step in a shitty puddle
Who knows, she might be worth the smell
Time does….I’ll wait till it tells.

27 thoughts on “The Naked Nun” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. Yhemie, can we please meet this gorgeous lady? The inspiration for this maybe
    just the one to tame your wild cravings.

    I Like.

    1. oh she tried, @aturmercy….she tried taming the wild, she succeeded, didn’t she?

  2. Aye aye! Patience brother…Your dame is worth the smell,.lol.
    Sweetened lips and a honey coated tongue @yhemie how would such a verse not touch her soul?

    1. @dottaraphaels……it sure touched yours…..hehehehehehe

  3. Do you write song lyrics by any chance?..I like the flow of your poems….Are you talking about a little baby or a ‘baby’…I feel it’s the latter but the end lines take on a different note and leave me a bit puzzled…Well done yhemie…You write good…$ß

  4. I really like the rhyming.
    What do u think of the words ‘shitty’ and ‘smell’? It was kinda jolting and gave the work a not so appealing tinge. softer words perhaps would have been better. What do you think?

    1. @kaycee…..i don’t do soft….i thought you knew that….

  5. Nice rhyme! kudos

  6. Amor (@iykewifey)

    Wow I like these sophisticated Lady!

    Well done~

  7. This is nice.
    But seriously with an emotion dripping of such poignancy as this, you want to wait till (time) tells when you are not so sure ‘some other guy has gotten busy’
    And then you say you ‘could live with the fondle and the cuddle’ from these “bad sharp guys”???
    @yhemie: You must have the patience of an oyster!

    1. @midas…buhhahahahahahaa…i got the girl in the end.

  8. Good work, I like ryhming…

  9. Great lines, well written!

  10. Ok let’s see this on the stage first.

  11. Buh why da title? Justify.

  12. Yeah, the title ish.
    Also, the use of ‘shitty smell’ takes a bit of the beauty away for me…a bump on a smooth road…

    Good work though.

  13. It’s lovely.

    I think the title means ‘something openly hidden’.

    Or something like that.


  14. …i wonder why ‘shitty’ made some peeps uncomfortable….morals in writing???….pppuuullllleeeezzzz!

  15. It’s not a moral thing @eimehy, it’s the imagery the phrase ‘shitty puddle’ evokes. Especially when you’ve also used the word ‘smell’. It’s not a good bit and people are right to point it out. It spoils the atmosphere of a piece that apart from that was quite lovely.

    Like this sha. It has this rap swagger but it’s still poetic. Nice one.

  16. Hmmmmm! This lady. . .

  17. @guywriterer……it’s not a good bit?….are you for real?….neways you’re heard.

  18. OOOOHHH nice, lovely poem!!!! It’s not easy to write a good poem that rhymes (speaking from experience). It made a good read and I enjoyed it so much. Just one question, is this a fictional character or she’s already in your life (just curious)

  19. @ibisonwachukwu…..glad you gave it a read….she was in my life….every of my write up has an healthy amount of fiction in it….

  20. Who knows, she might be worth the smell
    Time does….I’ll wait till it tells.’

    she should worth it. I hope, for you.

  21. nice nice nice nice!!!!!!!!!!!! its d first time am reading your write-up and am thrilled.great job

  22. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Inasmuch as d diction is moving,I am more thrilled by the title.Well done!

  23. I love this. I sense a lot of ‘honesty’ in the closing lines, very nice.

    Good one. The girl can write.

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