The Melody Of Decay

Curiously crawling the dark corridors of the mind, jittery with pure stark terror of what it might find…it sinks deep into the forbidden, passing the boundaries which it had been given. Each next step sure stinks of insanity, but adamantly it succumbs to its vanity.

The doors of a desert swing open to the wind whistling a watery tune.

A frieze of human heads drift into veiw, dried with taut grins and shrunken eyes, perched on wooden poles with pale tongues hanging out. Some are tattooed with targets and runic slogans, some are skinless with signs and words inked onto them. One has suture marks etched on it, like a blueprint for an assembly.

The gaping eye-holes so dark, contrasts against the gleam of the smooth polished skulls reflecting in the harsh brightness of the afternoon sun. The wind went in sync with the brown sand forming dust which in turn blows west leaving its signature on bones, dried gut and whatever remained of the maggot-ridden bodies.

The resonance of silence reverbrates in the landscape, echoing all the way to nothingness.

Weight of the surrounding emptiness becomes heavier.

A snap!…

The sound of a bone yeilding to decomposition shatters the glassy decorum thereby unsettling different species of feeding flies. There they go…angrily, perhaps delightfully humming a perfected chord over the buffet spread in their wake while the maggots squish against each other and the rats scurry away at their own pleasure delivering a weird kind of percussion, thus blessing the scenario with a trio…the melody of decay.

Souls unseen, dances and drifts to the unknown, what becomes of them equally unknown.

17 thoughts on “The Melody Of Decay” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. This is so smooth (for want of better words). I like the way it flows…it’s almost poetry…yet it’s not.

    I like it. I’m inspired!

    Well done, fellow madman!

    1. how was rehab?…i heard its pure torture…@seun-odukoya….i dont wanna go!

      1. But I’m better for it…@eimehy.

        Trust me – It’ll do you good.

  2. This piece swims smoothly to the end in a melody typical of poetry. And the picture is well painted too.

  3. RIO (@riowrites)

    Vivid….I like!

  4. I’ve said it…You are always on a high with your works and it works quite well for you..though I have no idea what to do with a Melody of Decay..Well done…$ß

    1. I second you on that @sibblywhyte…

      Yhemie, I wanna know whatz making you highhhh…ooo

      *my lips are sealed*****

  5. By Jove! Now I see the berthing of a true genius on this side of the horizon.It made more sense now your assertion that you bleed your heart out through a pen. Wonderfully done!

    1. @myself….Lee my man!…thanks… salt and water clears the stench of booze?

  6. Morbid….! A secret dump site of experiments gone wrong? a government cover up of the remains of societies rejects.
    Rapists ,murderers,thieving terrors that once plagued on the innocent.

    This is of course my take on this one,heads on spikes,tattooed members and what not’s…As always yhemie you brought it!

    1. ohmygawd…@dottaraphaels…… opened up another dark room….mi likey!

  7. Wow…what an unusual piece. Its definitely prose that’s intricately written for the art of description and the storytelling of the decaying process of corpses.

    @eimehy…this is unique and impressive. Feeling the descriptive power!

    1. visuals @afronuts……it’s all visuals…thanks padre!

  8. What can I say… this is good! You are good at what you do and can only get better. I salute.

  9. Very well visualized!

  10. Souls unseen, dances and drifts [dance and drift] to the unknown…

    Mad. I like this. A lot. Cool flash.

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