The Chameleon

The Chameleon

I’m a chameleon
Right from birth, I have always been.
I adapt easily to all situations, I dont accept loans
It seems i’m a super being.
When in Rome, do like the Romans
But when on earth, do as humans.

My dad is gay,
He came to me one day and said we should do it
Immediately, I changed my colour and became gay
We did it and I changed back- back from heat.
What my dad did wasn’t a lure,
I’m just a chameleon, changing my colour.

I travelled to heaven,
Everything was white- very pure and spotless
I immediately changed colour; no more, no less
As I relaxed and made it my safe haven.
God sent me back, saying that I’d have more to do on earth.
Whdn I’d returned, people looked at me like a prophet.

I am zilchophobic; I fear nothing
I tread gently on lofty heights.
My abilities was not man made, twas God given.
I’m prone to almost everything.
Growing up as an ‘ajekpako’ in Naija has made me strong.
I can and will whthstand all situations.

Call me ‘the chameleon’ that’s my name,
I was bred up to face life squarely.
I bear witness to different kinds of ‘hard stuff’ daily
I crush and make them lame.
Don’t hate for this,
Twas how I was made- a colour changing being.

26 thoughts on “The Chameleon” by lactoo (@louis)

  1. You are a chameleon?..Good and Fine… Keep writing.

  2. @sibbylwhyte. Thanks, I was reffering to changes and how we take them.

  3. Hahahaha. I no b chameleon. I just dey talk abt changes. Thanks though for dropping by.

  4. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    I see a budding poet here.A chameleon? THAT IS BAD BUSINESS.That means u dont say no,and u dont say yes-an all weather person,not my type.not my type @ all.As touching structure,for me the poem could be better.Sit nd work on it.It could be better…

  5. @sambrightomo. No b smal tin my broda. Tanks 4 droppin by.
    Some people are like dat. They have no true color.

  6. Some people are indeed chameloens in life but it could be a boomerang too.

    Not a bad poem but could be better.

  7. Nice poem…

  8. The poem could be better… Is ’twas’ correct??? Keep writing.

  9. Autotranscendence is not being chameleonic. Thus
    the xter creature does not represent the nature you
    wish to capture. Thou art the Ubermench, the Superman.
    Hence you could adopt eagle or lion to adapt to nobility
    & or strength.

    Hope he didn’t do that to him?

  10. @myne. Yeah, some people are chameleons. I’ll work on it more. Thanks for droppin by.

  11. @francis, thanks. Just wrote it in ten minutes.

  12. @gooseberry. I dnt even know if ’twas’ correct. Just used it as it came to my head.
    Thanks all the same for ur observation.

  13. @ostar my oga. Dis ur BIG BIG english dey always confuse me. No b small tin. Notin like dat happen oo.
    R’memba @kaycee talk sey ‘a writer is not always his works’.
    Thanks for dropin by chaa.

  14. No b small tin 4 tis chameleon issue oo. Man must adapt. Abi na lie?

  15. There’s improvement…

    How necessary was the story of dad being gay? There was no balance unlike in the first and third. Came back from the ‘heat’ to do what? become a ‘chameleon’ or to now like women?

    whthstand (withstand?)
    bred up? bred is enough.

  16. @adaobiokwy. This ur avatar dey fear me o. Thanks for dropin by. Corrections taken.
    No b smal tin. The guy popsi na gay. Hahahaha, i pity am √ło. Chameleon mtcheeew.

  17. Na my phone cause all dat minor typos. God! I really nid to change phone.

  18. But come oo. @adaobiokwy, where u put head. E dn tey wey we c u here. Hehehehe, me sef dn de dey kinda observant o.

  19. This chameleon. . . Better start showing your true colours now, because a time cometh when men are known by their colours.

  20. @lactoo you go places lol
    Nothing do you, just wake
    up, pray, work leave the rest
    for Baba God.

    As for inspiration, let your
    ink be ready with the feather!

  21. hmmm….One thing about this poem is that you succeeded in making its simplicity complex!
    simplicity in the language, complexity in message.

    I’m wondering whether this chameleon is human…or some freak of nature.
    Can you just let us know what on earth this poem is really about? its kinda abstract…

    NIce work.

  22. @afronuts, my guy. I gat ur back. Poems have diverse meanings to diverse people. What i was really tryna paint was the uncertainty of changes. Must we really adapt to changes? Bro, thanks 4 dropin by.

  23. @ostar, na u b my oga oo 4 dis NS. Thanks bro. I feel so motivated when i read ur works.

  24. Hahahaha. Dude i gat wat u mean, but beliv me, 4 dis naija efribody na chameleon. Don’t wori, u go still jam.

  25. hmmmmmmm

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