The Basics Are

The Basics Are

He was at work; smiling stupidly to himself in front of his system after laughing loudly at something he had just read off Linda Ikeji’s blog when his phone rang. He pulled out his Nokia Sidekick, looked at the screen and his smile widened as he recognised the caller.

“Hello!” he said happily into the receiver.

“Hi – hi,” came the slightly hesitant answer. He laughed “I love you na, why shall you shy?! Speak jo!”

As he heard laughter come down his phone, his chest expanded as he took a deep breath. He loved this girl!

“How are you doing, sugar?” he said

“I’m great – even more so hearing you sound so happy. You’re having a great day abi?”

“Yeah baby. I got some good news,” he said.

Sharon – the girl on the phone who also doubled as his girlfriend giggled.”I do too, baby. But you go first.”

He looked at the time “Okay. Em – are you still coming tomorrow?”

“Yes – I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” she responded.

“Okay. I’ll tell you then,” he shifted in his seat. “I’ll see you, okay?”

“Okay then. Love you honey.” She said

“Love you too,” he responded and hung up.



“It was the day after that I got the result,” Sharon was speaking in a tiny voice “My fears were realised,” her voice trailed off.

They were seated at The Place, Isaac John in Ikeja the following day. That was where he took special women who he wanted to tell something important – like asking them for a relationship that went beyond shagging. As Sharon’s words filtered into his consciousness however, he found himself wondering if there was something wrong with The Place that night. Suddenly it felt very stuffy, and the lights were too bright.

He gripped his cutlery tightly. “What are you saying?” he asked; sounding strangled.

“I’m…” Sharon closed her eyes tightly. She slowly opened them and tried again “I’m – em; pre…I’m pregnant.”

Sweat broke out on his forehead so suddenly a casual observer might have thought someone just flicked a wet brush in his face.

“What…how?” he unconsciously shouted making the other patrons of the place looked over curiously. He calmed himself and spoke again. “What happened?”

Sharon hugged herself.  “I don’t know I just…my period did not show up when I expected it to.”

He had to restrain himself from smacking her face. “You silly girl! Could you not have used some contraceptive – maybe Postinor or something?”

Sharon looked at him, resentment and hurt in her expression.

“You were the one who said we should not use a condom. You won’t ‘come’ inside me. You said that – and even after when I said I could get pregnant…you said; ‘what are the chances?’ “

He looked away, stung by the truth in her words. Everything she said was true…but for Christ’s sake…!

Turning back to her, he saw she was just hugging herself and staring into distance. He winced at the sorrow – the loneliness on her face. He started to reach out a hand to touch her –and then he stopped.

“What do you want to do now? Keep it?” he asked.

Sharon shuddered.  “I… I can’t,” She said, tears starting from her eyes.  “Mumsy will die – after killing me first. But I’m so scared of an abortion…” she trailed off.

The tears started slowly down her face – taking their time as though they were taking a stroll or something equally ridiculous. “I’m scared,” she said again.

He stood up from his side of the table and went to hers. He knelt down beside her and gently pulled her to himself. She came into his embrace and continued sobbing quietly.

“It’ll be fine,” he said, ignoring the stares they were getting. “It’ll be okay,” he repeated dully, even though he had no idea how.



As the taxi took them to Sharon’s house he kept trying to focus on her, to answer her questions quickly and attentively. But it became obvious to Sharon that he was distracted. He could not hide the fact that he was bothered; and in fact wanted the night to be over quickly – as quickly as possible for obvious reasons. But the Friday night Ikorodu road traffic was not helping matters and it affected Sharon’s mood. She slowly became withdrawn; distant.

And then she became angry.

“Why are you so selfish?!” she suddenly shouted at him; startling the driver. “I agree; maybe I should have been more careful – but I was listening to you! You encouraged me to be careless!”

Feeling the way he was, he could not even think up a response. The rest of the ride was quiet, he sticking to his side of the cab, she sticking to hers.

As the dropped her off he clambered awkwardly from the cab and walked with her to the door of her parents’ house. He gave her an awkward hug, and after her stiff response he dropped his arms and muttered a tired “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Later in his own house, he lay awake in his bed trying to figure out what the best course of action was. He realised he had two options; get an abortion or get married. An abortion was the obvious solution, but after reading Geebe’s Chronicles, he was not so sure. Besides he has heard of so many botched abortions. What if she died? He shuddered. An impromptu marriage seemed the only way out.

But he wasn’t ready.

He cursed loudly. If only he had not gotten careless. If only he had continues to use condoms. If only…he drifted into an uneasy sleep.


He suddenly jerks awake in front of his system where he had fallen asleep while browsing on Facebook. Looking around in agitation, he slowly realises where he is and begins to calm down. So it was a dream, he thinks; so Sharon’s not pregnant!

He begins to smile sheepishly. Thank God; he sighs in relief. I’ll never sleep with her again, he promises. The picture of a naked and a moaning Sharon suddenly flashes before his eyes. Without protection; he hastily adds. I’ll never sleep with her again without a condom.

Feeling better, he is about to continue browsing when his phone rings.

He pulls out his Samsung Android phone and not bothering to check who the caller is picks and says, “Hello?”

“I…I have…there’s something I need to tell you.”

It’s his girlfriend. Sharon.



Seun Odukoya is a author of sorts. Resident in Nigeria.

Born in Nigeria, native of Earth. Been reading since he opened his eyes. Loves women.

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  1. hehehehehehehehehehjehehehehe3hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe! #gbam! Your boy don enter am! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Good boss, good. Short, direct and, yes, pregnant!

    1. @banky

      Thanks man. Appreciated.

      1. U know what ehn, I like d end…might not be she is even pregnant….Cool way to ‘Hang’ it.
        But guy, what were u doing? So many typos for someone like u o! I won’t point ’em…but!
        I enjoyed sha…it was cool.

        1. @shaifamily

          ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

          Typos?! Whoa! That’s so….

          I’ll look over it again. Thank you.

  2. Nice one. Almost blindsided me Seun. And it shows that you love women………good work

    1. Hehehehehehehehehehe!

      Lulu…thank you so much! I’m glad you appreciate.

      Bless God.

  3. Oga Seun u try oo. Nice handling of suspence.

    1. Thank you so much @louis lactoo…

      Thank you. Bless God.

  4. I’ll tell you my take…in your heart…hehehehehe

    Nice. Very nice.

    1. @babyada

      It’s great you like it. Thank you so much.

      Yeah. I know that. I’m sure you know how we communicate…

      Bless God.

  5. wow….. I liked that it was funny but I’m still scared oh….so you like women like that?

    1. @gretel

      Nice to have you back. Really.

      What scared you? ‘Love women like that?’ Like…what exactly?

      1. Thanks sir, I mean so you actually like women so much!

        1. @gretel

          Women are lifelines. They make everything more fun.

          How can I hate my reason(s) for trying so hard?


          1. hahaha…. A suitable answer from someone that loves women, I implore you to try harder.

            1. @gretel

              I’m sure you didn’t get context in which the ‘try harder’ came in there.

              Hehehehehehehehe. Try again!

              1. whoo…. I see, Ok, I give up

                1. @gretel

                  Are you sure you want to…?

                  1. Already gave up ohhh…..tell me jor

                    1. @gretel

                      CALL ME.

  6. Nice. Suspense worked for me. Bravo!

    1. @myself

      WOW. What a tag line ‘@myself‘.

      Thanks bro. Thank you so much.

      Bless God.

  7. @Seun-Odukoya Cool. I read it in a few minutes, and I do that only for engaging stories.

    “the girl on the phone who also doubled as his girlfriend giggled” —->> Kinda off for me.

    1. @xikay

      Thanks. Yeah – I see why it might seem off for you; but I think it works, no?

      Thanks! Bless God.

  8. Looolz. Really loved it. Sure d guy wld spend d whole day cancelling the dream.
    This is the ur second story m reading that is the continuation of a dream in real life

    1. Thank you so much @mardey

      I appreciate your compliments. Bless God!

      1. *whistling past*

        1. @shaifamily

          Just. Keep. Going.

          1. *stops to admire the scene* Niceeeeeeee.

  9. @Sun-Odukoya; Good story you have there, can’t wait to read part 2.
    My thinking is that the girl is not pregnant….
    She just wanna discuss some issues relating to their relationship but, I pity the guy cos’ he’s not gonna get a moment of peace!!!

    1. @greatness4life

      I wonder tho…who exactly is ‘Sun Odukoya’? If I knew it would be easier to get your message to him…

      Part 2?! Really? Hmmm…I go ask the guy!

      ‘Moment of peace’ huh? E don happen to you before abi?

      LMAO!!! Thanks!

  10. Nice one @seun-odukoya I liked it…

    1. Thank you @scopeman60.

      Bless God.

  11. The BASICS ARE…@seun is a softie….! winks.

    This is nice….For once that macho facade sorta fizzled out some..just a little.

    Great read….I like the gal.

    1. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe…

      Nice. Thank you for you compliment and astute observation.

      Shhhhh…about the ‘macho thing fizzling out’ please don’t tell anyone.

      Bless God.

  12. it’s cool. lots of energy. It moves along well.

    suggestion: go adverb hunting, especially in the first hundred words.

    Otherwise, well done.

    1. Thank you so much @tadethompson.

      I’ll definitely look into your advice. Thank you.

      PS: Still waiting for your response o.

      Bless God.

      1. ?? I don’t know what you’re talking about, man, I’m waitin’ on you. you’re supposed to get back to me with details. :)

        1. @tadethompson….

          Whoa!!! Seriously?!

          I apologise! Em…okay okay okay!!!!

          I’ll fix that. I’m sorry.

  13. Guy, u are on the way to…if u are not there already! Nice stuff, but u better do some structural work next time. ON WITH IT, BRO.

    1. @ezeakwukwo

      Thank you so much man! Thank you. I appreciate!

      I don’t get the structural part…is it the appearance of the whole thing?!

  14. @Seun-Odukoya

    I have two things to say to you:

    1. That was a lovely story with a funny and dreadful deja-vu theme hitting the reader in the face.

    2. Which kain category be ‘touch of spice’? This reads like romance nah…though it sort of went sour.

    3. This line:
    ‘Sharon – the girl on the phone who also doubled as his girlfriend giggled.’
    It reads oddly because of the ‘doubled as’. You make it sound like two jobs she’s running.Maybe you
    need to say it differently.

    4. ‘Seun Odukoya is a author of sorts. Resident in Nigeria.
    Born in Nigeria, native of Earth. Been reading since he opened his eyes. Loves women.’

    Ol boy you don begin market yourself again abi? Why you no put that for ya profile?

    All the same…Well done bro!

    1. @Afronuts

      I know you know I know you know these things.

      1. That was the intent. I’m glad you saw it clearly.

      2. ‘Touch of Spice’ is the competition I wrote this for. An NS competition actually.

      Come o. Are you an alien?

      3. I agree. Thank you for being clear about that!

      4. You know na. It’s not part of my profile because they are both supposed to serve different purposes; and then they are several colors/sides of the same Rubix Cube. And I ALWAYS gotta market myself. That’s why…

      Thank you man! Bless God!

  15. lol! I said 4 things instead of two!

    1. @Afronuts

      Is that SERIOUSLY supposed to be news?!?! C’mon get real!!!!!


      1. hahaha…I had to correct myself before you did with some clever retort

        1. @Afronuts….ala Afrokolo…

          Well…kinda too late isn’t it?

  16. Nice yarn, but what exactly are the basics…?

    1. @shadiat

      Very interesting question.

      They are actually right there…you wanna read again?

      Thank you. Bless God.

  17. Nice piece Seun as always…

    1. @francis

      Thank you so much for the compliment.

      Bless God.

  18. Could not help but comment…lovely piece…actually took the sleep off my eyes…

    1. @Rita

      So I actually helped you wake…hmmm!

      Thank you. Bless God!

  19. @Seun-Odukoya Dem don talk am finis….
    Nice work.
    Me and you know wetin all ’em others no know….

    1. @shaifamily

      Yeah we do, don’t we?

      Thanks man. Bless God.

  20. @Seun-Odukoya

    Oh yeah…I was going to also say…the story sweet pass the title!
    Bros you for give am a better title nah.

    I almost thought it was a poem until i clicked on the link and opened it!

    1. Well…as to that…

      I choose that title because it captures the essence of the story for me.

      And it’s even good if the story is sweeter than the title – as opposed to the reverse.

      Thank you man.

  21. Nice one. Written like a pro. I like your story angle.

    1. @obiaguomba

      Thank you so much sir.

      Bless God.

  22. A dream within a dream, Inception:P (I hope you’ve seen the !)….well done :)

    1. @aghoghosam

      Yeah I have…crazy movie. CRAZY.

      Thanks man. Bless God.

  23. This is so well written.. A pregnancy is better than Aids. the style, the rhyme , the english… very good . in terms of structure so far excellent

    1. @naboulove

      Thank you so much! I appreciate.

      Bless God.

  24. “As the [?] dropped her off he clambered…. ”

    A good story, but it didn’t feel…as powerful as Ur other works.
    I also don’t feel U carried out the execution of the transition from dream to wakefulness.

    Good, but I wanna see better, Musketeer. More…punch.

    Oh, and Samsung Android is not a phone. That’s like saying Nokia Symbian; Android is the OS.

    1. @raymond

      Thank you so much. Yeah – that ‘as the’ stuff is crazy. I missed that.

      Well…I didn’t think there was a need to specify about the make of the phone since it was not a key plot element.

      Thanks man. It sucks to think I fell your hand on this. I’m getting better sha, and so expect better from me.

      Bless God.

    2. Musketeer.
      Triple Respect!

      I agree with @raymond on the transition too

      1. @kaycee

        Thank you so much man! I’m always learning – I’m always getting better.

        That’s the goal.

        Thank you. Bless God.

  25. I liked this but it did’nt have your usual punch and we romance buffs don’t like to be left hanging- it was all a dream? Hello, we like to be told or are able to deduce what will happen.

    1. @elly

      About it lacking the ‘usual punch’ I apologise. Don’t know what that is that way – it just is.

      I’m sorry about that.

      About the ‘romance buffs not liking to be left hanging’…you can’t always have what you want, can you?

      Hehehehehehe!!! Thank you so much!

      Bless God.

  26. Seun, this your story is good o but the end is somehow. You have all they required in your story which I think is very cool. The punch others are complaining that is missing has to do with the end I guess.

    Very well done and I wish you the best.

    1. @gooseberry goosie baby…

      What exactly do you think is wrong with the end?

      I think it’s okay – but if you think there’s something wrong with it; I must be missing something.

      The issue is…what?

      Thank you so much! Bless God.

      1. I dunno how to explain but I know the only fault with the story is the end… Maybe I was expecting his emotions to be different after he discovered it was a dream or I was expecting you to give us expo on whether she got pregnant in reality…

        That doesnt take out of the fact that you have a wonderful story though…

        1. @gooseberry goosie baby…

          Thank you for bothering to respond. Guess I thought the cliffhanger would make you guys entertained/excited. I missed it obviously.

          Thank you dear. You the best.

          1. @Seun-Odukoya The cliffhanger is fine as it is. I just loved it that way…Endless possibilities…which in turn can be developed at a later date or time into a fuller story….it is gud way it is joor.

            1. @shaifamily

              Thank you for your support, appreciation and words of encouragement.

              Thank you. So much.

  27. It’s rare when we see simple sentences produce ‘exotic’ pieces like this…has it all: humour, morals, suspense, appeal (to all as many can relate) and that…simplicity.
    Great job.

    1. @adaobiokwy

      Whoa. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

      I appreciate. Bless God.

  28. Oh ho oh, nightmarish dream turning to reality? Lmao.

    Great piece. An interesting one

    1. @lancaster

      Thank you much. I really appreciate your comments.

      Thanks! Bless God.

  29. Oh ho oh, nightmarish dream turning to reality? Lmao.

    Great piece. An interesting one..

  30. The sweet story crash landed…..’i expected more!’… on the ending.
    It was just like any other Nollywood movie…..simply predictable

    But i give you 110% for your syntax, grammer arrangement and punctuation. Excellent Seun…..’i trip Die!’

    1. @brytandre

      Thank you for your comment. ‘Just like any other Nollywood movie’ guy really?!

      Okay na. Thank you. Bless God!

  31. You know why I like the way you write? You express so much in a very simple way. Seun must win. Nuff said. -__-

    1. @lachicabonita honey…

      Thank you for the compliment. For your belief in me.

      Thanks for the support. Thank you.

      Bless God.

  32. If it were someone else’ work, i would have applauded. But this is Seun. You have set a standard so high we don’t expect anything less… I am honestly disappointed. The TYPOs are unforgivable for your reputation. I am still looking for the “Seun-Punch”…your trademark. Thumbs up still. Keep writing, you can only get better.

    1. @jamesndu

      I’m sorry I disappointed you this time. You don’t know how it feels…reading comments from people who have come to expect much from me and knowing I’ve disappointed them.


      Thank you man – I’ll keep writing and improving. Thanks a lot.

      Bless God.

    2. even the best sometimes falter- i think thats the beauty of life you can’t be perfect everytime

      1. Yeah – I guess @mikeeffa

        Thank you for the encouragement! Bless God.

  33. This packs a punch,a below-the-belt punch.

    1. @Ono-Edosio

      Thank you so much! I appreciate.

      Bless God.

  34. Seun, this is a fantastic read! I look forward to reading more of your works. Good job on this one!

    1. @chinyerechimodo

      Thank you so much! I hope the others thrill you even better than this did!

      Thank you. Bless God.

  35. Nice one here Seun. However, I think the way you switched the POV was a bit abrupt. However, it didn’t prevent me from enjoying the story.

    1. @igweaj

      Thank you much. I didn’t switch POV at all though. Maybe what you mean is the transition from dream to reality?

      Thank you much. Bless God!

      1. Yeah that’s what I meant. I felt the flow of the story could have been maintained better had you stuck with your original POV. However, if the goal was to distinguish dream from reality, no wahala.

        1. @igweaj

          Thank you much! Bless God.

  36. Hmmm. *raised eyebrows* I think this is the worst story I have read written by you. Apart from the idea behind your story being so CLICHÉ, the plot of your story has no depth. I felt I was reading through a rehashing of one of the Nollywood endless mediocre varieties. And please do lose the ‘sequence’ thing – a short story is called by that name because it requires condensation without necessarily a form of disjointedness. You can always find ways to make your story flow without them. I also noticed a few grammar issues here and there – However, I like the natural flow of your dialogue – it reveals a realistic portrayal of the average Nigerian relationship.
    I hope you don’t take offence at my blatant tone – nothing personal (*smiles).

    1. Dear @petunia007


      While I might agree that it has no depth (must it?!) I strongly disagree about the cliche thing you mentioned. Yeah – maybe the scenario is a familiar one (tell me how many 100% original stories exist these days), but for you to call it ” a rehashing of one of the Nollywood endless mediocre varieties” is stretching it. Haba.

      Still, no offense taken.

      And what ‘sequence’ are you talking about? A lot of people need to understand; just because you don’t like the structure of a story or disagree with its style does not mean it does not work. I wrote it the way I did because that’s how it came to me; that was the best way I could put it down.

      Having said that, I appreciate and I take your comments like I take every other; with a pinch of salt.

      I appreciate. Thanks. Really!

      Bless God.

      1. every body will not write the same way- authors all have a mind of their own am sure if you want to publish this an editor will go through it to bring out the finest points. good work.

        1. Again… @mikeeffa

          I really appreciate your words. They make it all better.

          Thank you. Bless God.

  37. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

    Wow! You are evil! And I mean this in a good way! This was an awesome read! I need to read all over again. This one is definitely a winner! . . . And thanks for mentioning ‘Geebee’s Chronicles’. Thanks. I’m honoured. *winks*

    1. @Gbenga-Olowosile

      Thank you so much. Thank you sir.

      Glad you appreciate the mention. Almost got my head chopped off last time I tried it.

      Thank you. Bless God.

  38. Nice read, great share

    1. @elovepoetry….

      Thank you much! Bless God.

  39. You have wa way of making even a Nigerian politician’s speech very intriguing so I am not surprised at the various applauses. Seun, when I read a story or comment on any piece, I do so using certain parametres. Hmm…How does one talk to a really good writer? *Sigh.
    For any other person, I might have passed but this is one of NS bests. I would summarise it by saying that this is certainly not one of your best pieces. I think that there is something to this piece…yes, it is good and lovely but if you read it again after two months, you would discover that there is someting that can be done to it. What? Well, you have the magic of making yourself better in ways no one can Seun. Do it.
    Well done on this piece my brother. Hope to read it again when you are really done. Cheers.

    1. @sueddie

      Thank you so much for your detailed comment and compliments. I appreciate.

      I honestly don’t know what exactly can be done about this, but i’ll give it time like you suggested and then take it from there.

      Thank you. Bless God.

  40. sigh…well we all know who i am voting for… :)

    Great job as always Seun.

    1. @kiah

      Thank you so much!

      Unfortunately…the voting period is over. Let’s see how it goes though.

      I appreciate your support. Thank you, Bless God.

      PS: You back now?

      1. back to where? lol…i am always skimming around the edges…reading yall’s amazing work

        1. @kiah

          Can we talk…?

  41. @Seun-Odukoya, this is really good.
    A real touch of spice. I wish I could write a story so short and yet so engaging.
    Great work. I won’t be forgetting this in a hurry.

    1. Whoa.

      Didn’t think anyone still read this.

      Thank you!

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