Seeking a lost hearth and finding a safe berth

Seeking a lost hearth and finding a safe berth

Marching on manfully

Working through marsh

Struggling thro’ the slimy sludge

Fending off predators

Homewards I trudge

Swatting at pesky vermin


How much longer?

The question rings

Around in my cranium’s hollows

Even as my hesitant step

My discordant heart follows

Swimming in doubt’s freezing currents


I know only

My journey’s end

Lies definitely not in this jungle

And though I seem

To travel round in a circle

It can’t claim me for its own


Home beckons

In fevered reveries

And I press on in arduous travailing

Hoping for a glimpse

Telling of sweet prevailing

And tranquil ease


But today

I must labour

For thro’ blood, sweat and tears

Victory is wrought

And banishing all fears

I approach my sweet fair harbour


8 thoughts on “Seeking a lost hearth and finding a safe berth” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. The race is not to the swift nor the hardest worker O°˚˚˚!

    Nice poem though.

  2. Chronicle of a soldier finding his way home after the war?

  3. Maybe just of a soul making its way through the ups and downs of life…Nice poem…Well done…$ß

  4. Yes, only perseverance gets you there. Keep moving man.

    Well done.

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