If only I could tell
The future very well;
Where these footsteps will lead,
What’s the fruit of this seed;
If I could understand
The complicated strand;
Beyond where the road bends,
Where the journey will end;
If only I could see
Beyond infinity;
What clothes this universe;
What follows the last verse;
If only I could know
If there’s a tomorrow;
Or every day’s the same,
With just a different name.
The stairs I do not see
Rest on those beneath me;
The next race I must run
Depends upon this one.
Tomorrow’s yesterday
Is already today;
My present fantasies
My future memories.
If I will know the fruit
Then the seed must take root;
And I will take the bend
If I must reach the end.

17 thoughts on “Precognition” by Zazu (@literati)

  1. Respect!
    Everything would have been so simpler in this life, if only

    1. Well, we don’t know that. Who knows anyway?
      Thank u @kaycee

  2. Life remains for our surprises and adventure….it will mean less if we know events before they unfold…
    I love your writ bro….sweet things

    1. @charles, again we don’t know that, if it will mean less…thanks for the love!

  3. Just keep moving and stop asking questions.

    Nice poem.

    1. Yes o @babyada. That’s the only option. Thank u!

  4. If you knew the answer to your every question, you would commit suicide cos evrytin would be effing boring!…Just take it, a step at a time..As always, this is nice. Well done Zazu…$ß.

    1. Bubbles how u take kno na? Some ppl think this life is boring the way it is, AND commit suicide..
      As always, thanks a lot!

  5. If only I could tell… love the rhymes you were able to sustain until the last line… Keep on doc…

  6. More like predestination Zazu!

    This is BRILLIANT!

    1. Thanks @dottaraphels.
      Predestination? what’s that?

      1. Lol…completely my take Zaz…

        Predestination as in though My mind sorta works as pondered by your words, I could spend an eternity thinking,wondering, seeking….
        I have a theory on everything being because it’s been made to be so already. By whom ,what ?, that’s another subject.

        I can understand your ??? though, for the free thinkers and free choosers, I suppose my take seems off? All the same , my take.
        That shed a little light for you?Winks!

  7. Amazing! Somehow you manage to let the reader into your mind without much stress and you do it with rhymes. Thumbs up. You know my name right? :) just checking.

    1. @oyodia My madam! Iron sharpens iron ;-)
      Ur name? em…IRS? PE**? LOL? *scratches head* Remind me…
      Thank u ma!

  8. You are the Boss.

  9. Nice. Nice. Loved the poem but loved this lines more:

    The stairs I do not see
    Rest on those beneath me;

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