Orgasms And Regrets

Orgasms And Regrets

Tick tick, goes the clock
Cuk-a-doodle, goes the cock
Fog smears the break of dawn
What follows is the sound of a yawn
First steps in the day, the movement of a pawn
Went to the loo to make a point
While I was at it, I lit a joint
Sat back, waiting to be inspired
Hemping is sometimes required
Took a hit and watch as the smoke uncurl
Another hit and the thoughts in my head conform…
A disease or a release?
Bad or sad?
A sad disease or a bad release?
The spurt of the seed, a sigh of relief
A phase we all go through
An action some will stick to
Thoughts filled with provocative images
Books filled with educative pages
Birds let loose outta their cages
Concentration tuned up to the max
Building up for a shameful climax
A potent man’s fun or an impotent man’s drug?
Attention given to it ends with a shrug
Bugs keeps crawling on our rugs
A good girl in love with a thug
Sad people in search for a clown
Wavy goes the wrinkles of a frown
Emptiness is the nature of a ghost town
Whatever goes up must surely come down
Masturbation and Pornography
Soil and Topography
The two brothers of a kind
One comes first, the other in line
Sour is the taste of lime
Deeper in the sex abyss, youths decline
Internet or the world wide web
The spider traps the fly in its web
Sucking its brain outta its head
The noisy belch of a man well-fed
A call to notice on these issues
A messy butt-crack needs a tissue
Wild fire spreading up on the mountain
Let’s put it out while there’s still water in the fountain
The chime of the hour jolted outta ma trance
Flushed the loo, watch ma shit do a dance
Okay, enough with the delay
Would have loved to stay and play
But the sun’s out, gotta make some hay
Phew! What a way to start a day.

27 thoughts on “Orgasms And Regrets” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. With masturbation?What way to start a day!God have mercy!

    1. Lol..Hallelujah!

  2. yhemie in da house! It sounded like a rap to me. :-)

  3. FUNTASTIC….playing his advocate again yhemie? lol.

    I get the orgasms…why the regrets? just me

  4. Interesting. Very much so.

  5. I like the musicality, the rythm , the beat … Sensually funny, like jefsaraumax said it sounds like a rap smh

    1. Yea rhymes..but not the best way to start a day….masturbating…Arg!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. yea right @whizpoet……..i masturbated the poem in all yer faces

  6. Loved the rhymes…and it’s rappy feel…
    Smoking a joint helps your thoughts to form, wonder what they would do to

    Orgasms and regrets, perhaps some orgasms aren’t meant to be reached…. Well done yhemie….$ß.

  7. Nice Rhymes not sure about the orgasms and regrets!

  8. By Jove! You’re my favorite on this site. Very creative piece with the right fun-garnishments.

    1. @myself…….*grins…….thanks

  9. The rhymes are good. As for the poem, I’m confused.

  10. Beautiful piece. U jus exposed my ex’s daily routine. Lol!

  11. U a poet rapper…nice verse…

  12. it’s an evil that must nt be encouraged,because you wont stop except God stops u.

    1. thanks for hammering it on the head again……@tuee…….most don’t get the point.

  13. OMG, nice lines and rhymes tho, truly you should start rapping

  14. while questioning events in this world and life in general, you cannot really change it wholesale but you can make amendments and not also allow negative aspects to affect you cheers

  15. also i want to believe that no matter the situation air is still sweet to breath and water still tastes nice in the mouth just bless God and move on.

  16. @eimehy guy….I said I was gonna say u something eh?
    I like. I especially like controversial themes.
    The role of pornography, printed and on the web….
    Now, dt joint….
    Who should be doing d preaching?
    Aren’t all guilty in the eye of the Lord?
    Just me asking.

    1. no one’s preaching……..cos as you pointed out, we all guilty…….it’s just a call to the issues.

  17. Only @eimehy could write a poem like this…

    But I will admit that was a creative mash up of words…reads like something to a soundtrack.
    Nicely written but as @dottaraphels says…wey di regret?

    But shey you know say you be knucklehead sha…some people dey take prayer start dem day, you na self-straffing you dey take open morning!

  18. This would work well as a first sequence for a dramedy.

    That said, I like the mild rawness of this.

    You seem to have gone soft though. :)

  19. Erm…a bit…disturbing.
    The masturbation and the porn aspects didn’t bother me as much as the simultaneous release of body fluids from both sides of the character’s lower half.
    If your intention was to creep people out, you succeeded fantastically with me.

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