Mary’s Song

Mary’s Song

Descriptive Title: Mary’s song is a story about a family whose life’s were shattered as a result of a church bomb blast by a terrorist group.

Category: Short story

Mary’s Song
Mary Joe was this couples’ first baby
After eighteen years of trying
Mary Joe was a blessing
Mary Joe was a lesson
Little Mary was beauty; with our eyes we behold it.
That Sunday morning
Before the altar
It was Mary we were dedicating
I remember the preacher saying,
“This baby is a sign that Gods covenant with us is not broken”
Before the altar
We came out dancing
With hearts full of thanksgiving
In the offering basket we dropped our token
For we know, with Marys’ testimony, we can now keep on believing

When Mary was two
She was to start school
It was early in June
The rains had started that year a little too soon
And as the dam, so was our joy full
Cousin brothers, Cousin sisters
Distant uncles, Distant aunties
Little nephews, Little nieces
Many more relatives, all came to cheer Mary.
The living room was a little rowdy
Auntie Roseline was in the room dressing Mary
While her mom packed her launch box
Her dad with her uncles played ‘’catch up’’
I still hear her saying,
” don’t you all know it’s rude to stare at a lady
besides grown ups shouldn’t act like babies”
she sent us a shock wave of laughter
and we were dazed thereafter

For she came out looking,
Pretty and radiant
Preppy and valiant
As smooth and smart as capsules
More like a properly prepared soup, garnished with all the necessary
She was set to conquer, but something else was imminent
After a week in kindergarten
It was a different tune we were singing
‘’Mary was a genius “
Her teachers were quick to notice
She brought us smiles
She lit up our lives
In this dark world, she was our light.

As the morning dew were settling
The news was breaking
We knew the worst had happened
We were just afraid to face it.

25th of December was a Sunday morning
At St. Theresa cathedral in Madalla
There was a bombing
The damage done was colossal
It was immediately after mass as worshipers were dispersing
A dozen Hail Marys’ didn’t give us a premonition
A motorcycle drove by,
Dropped something wrapped in poly-ethylene
The guards got curious and went close to examine
What happened next is best imagined
The content went off,
The impact sent the roof on an errand
The louvers shattered
The gates came down crashing
Body part littered the car park
more than half a dozen cars exploded
A family of five got trapped and were roasted
On the ground it left a crater
In our hearts a scar
‘cos somewhere in this tragedy was Mary.


Mary Joe
portrait of baby Mary

33 thoughts on “Mary’s Song” by Admin (@jeebs)

  1. I really enjoyed this. Twas touching.

  2. The title was too perfect. The lines were kinda prosaic poetry.

  3. Welldone. Nice try.

    1. It seems as though @louis is very spontaneous. As soon as the thought comes, he puts it down and then when another comes he puts it down and so on.

      Maybe you should chill…let everything gather and then make ONE powerful comment instead of several one-liners. I’m just saying.

      How you doing?

      1. @Seun-Odukoya

        Come…how are you sure the guy is not trying to rake more points by dropping more posts?

        Thats a strong possibility oh!

    2. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. It’s nice. Very tragic.

    I like the rap feel of the lines…like bouncing from one line to the next.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting!…It’s meant to be performed…Spoken Word…Rap makes it sound like vague, though.

  5. @jeebs, what a paradox indeed. No premonitions from hail Mary’s and the covenant indeed not broken?

    This one pulls @ the heart strings. I could easily say that hope is deceptive and leading,but that would loose the real treasure in this for me.

    Mary came,intrigued and dazzled…the joy was in the knowing and the impressions left in the heart will never be erased. I choose to hold on to the joy even though short lived; than the perpetual misery of regret.

    1. Quite an interesting line of thought. I guess life is what we make of it.

  6. Lovely tragic narrative…So touching

    But are you sure that is a portrait of Mary? That baby looks like an asian infant

  7. @seun, I don hear u. I write what I feel and when I dim it fit. Thanks though. @afronuts. My points is not my number priorty. Its my opinion dat counts.

  8. @afronuts, yeah the baby looks more like an asian infant. I guess twas a downloaded pix from the net.

  9. @JEEBS, i was about to say that you sound like a certain poet i listened to at loudthotz spoken poetry last week and then it so turns out…it’s you. You got a rare talent at this spoken word. I admire your style of writing and yes this is a tragic story, well told and pulls at the heart strings.

    1. @shewhoisloved I didn’t even perform this there…you will tell me how you knew it was me at the next reading, hopefully you will be there.!

      1. hi jeebs, of course i guessed it was you! My poem that night was “it wasn’t that her oranges were sweetest”. If you can recall that poem from the last reading, you would recall the face. I knew it was you because of the style…it’s beautiful for spoken word!

  10. Where did one of baby Mary’s eyebrow go?

    1. Lol
      Trust a female make up artist to notice that

  11. Tragic and well communicated…

  12. Hauntingly sad…The menace that is BH keeps taking and taking even taking our little ones..
    May the scars heal while we hold on to happy memories such as Mary’s words- ‘Don’t you all know it’s rude to stare at a lady? besides grown-ups shouldn’t act like babies.'(made me smile).

    Check; with our eyes we behold(beheld) it. Since U are using the past tense.
    Reads like ‘prosetry’..Lovely albeit sad one…Well written, Well done…$ß.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting…!

  13. May God damned these bombers a thousand times to the hottest part of hell. They take too much from us…

    I enjoyed this piece. Suprisingly devoid of anger. Well done.

    1. Your comment is appreciated.!

  14. @Jeebs,

    This should have been converted to prose, really. The lines are straightforward, but they don’t really stretch my imagination like creative poetry should.

    But it’s a touching story all the same.

  15. Imagine how many more sad tales people have to tell about this evil menace.

    So so sad that flesh and blood would cause fellow flesh and blood so much pain.

    Devil really exists.

    1. Only, If they could write…I hope have given them a voice with this piece.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.!

  16. @kaycee lol I’m not jor. I just have a thing for noticing some little details.
    The portrait looks like an abstract work, like its depicting something very different from what the writer projected Mary to be.

  17. Anger no make me see anything talk sef…

  18. this is sad, but it portrays a nation that is callous, with no conscience may we never see such evil

  19. This was WOW for me….

    Deep, sad, tragic but WOW.

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