Magical Black Flute (MBF)

Magical Black Flute (MBF)

May 15, 2012   4.46pm


It’s only a flute, but its so good

It makes the tiniest sounds, so cool

Sounds so small and so cute

Coming from so narrow a chute

This tiny piece is a brute, something of an a-hole

Peppering and punishing the lips with it’s blow hole.

This flute whose sounds so soothes

Magical, its effects chasing away unwanted soot

Its melodious timbre flows so smooth

When played under the embrace of the moonlit skies

Its so small yet so strong

Its voice carried far and all night long

Into the far reaches of hearts once high-strung

Melting away all the fears harbored there so long.


This flute will play,

Even when the owner is no more

This flute will keep singing its song

Yes, it will not be silent for long

Soon, it finds another windpipe young and strong

Through which it will once more delight a throng.




27 thoughts on “Magical Black Flute (MBF)” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. @shaifamily

    You wanna know what I think about this?

    Hmmm – I feel like it’s a metaphor. A metaphor for…

    Dope stuff. Deep.


  2. @Seun-Odukoya huh?
    Lips sealed!
    Na wa o….

    1. Na ‘na wa o’ you fit talk?!

      Make super glue helep you seal that your ‘sealed lips’ permanently!


  3. @Seun-Odukoya God Forbid!!! Will keep playing my flute…haters fit go jump inside Lagoon o!!!

  4. Yes, I feel the meaning is hidden. It’s not just the flute.

    Or I might be wrong…

  5. U see wetin u cos now @Seun-odukoya

    1. Wetin I ’cause’?

      You no happy say…ah…never mind.

  6. @Seun-odukoya @babyada you two are ‘scratching’ on something though. You got good eyes…can’t say same for your minds though….lol.

  7. @babyada and @seun-odukoya
    I suspect shai didn’t even know the depth of what he scribed. Perhaps, he was actually writing about a flute and nothing more. Make una no let the guy claim something he didn’t intend.

    “The sound carried far..”
    “Carries far” fits better.

    1. @kaycee pls tell ’em. Tell ’em.
      Noted. Thanks.

  8. @shai…this ya metaphor…. I really gat something τ̅ơ̴̴̴͡ say on this O°˚˚˚ …this one deep, seems you were saying something about……..
    Never mind!
    You don sealed ya lips with glue then I ain’t gat thing τ̅ơ̴̴̴͡ say anymore!!

    1. Okay na…hahaha.

  9. Yo fellas…
    The poem is open-ended and so ambigious so u are free to interpret it to suit ur thoughts…

    Nice poem though.

  10. Yo fellas…
    The poem is open-ended and so ambigious so u are free to interpret it to suit ur thoughts…

    Nice poem though.

    1. @osondu lol…dt chant. Hmmm.
      I won’t like to read my meaning to it.

  11. Nice one…if it’s a metaphorical, it’s got interesting lines.. Well done…$ß.

    1. Thanks Bubbli. Glad u found it ‘interesting’ @sibbylwhyte

  12. Dis wey 1 wey everybody no wan talk…issokai..

    I think it’s just about the change that moves society; people come, people go. Messages are still the same though medium and messanger may change. Generations passing; each doing what the past has done in newer ways and forms.

    Bros @shai…you deep o. The structure of this alone gan na die. You sure got my attention with this.

    1. @queenzayta Thank you. You ‘opened’ our eyes to another level of the message.
      I’m glad you like what you read and found something to hold on to….hehehe.

  13. This is good Shai. I like the graphic effects, it teases the eyes.
    I don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to this, or is there?

    1. Well, I am sure that is a rhetorical question.
      @francis thanks for the kind words…I like dt my pieces does that to ur eyes…hope it does same to many more eyes and hearts for that matter.

  14. Na U na. I wouldn’t expect any less…

    Well done bro.

  15. @raymond bows in humility.

  16. merci boucu. very dreamy makes wanna sleep lol

    1. hahaha…really@mikeefa

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