If Only


Your glassy eyes draw me in like a powerful vortex

Your lips, so tender, so soft, so pliant

Your raw masculinity reels me in

I turn to mush when I’m in your arms

My sense of logic dissipates when I’m near you

I can’t stop myself

From wanting

Wanting to be near you

To hear you whisper in my ears

To tell me that everything will be alright

To tell me that I’m safe in your arms

To tell me that you love me.



As these emotions swirl in my head

As I battle with my sanity

I begin to wonder,

If only you admired me

If only you kissed me

If only I could be caught in your embracce

If only you could whisper to me

If only you could love me

If only…

If only you were real


You uttered those sweet words of nothing to make me fall at your feet

You fed me with your lies

It was hogwash, just fibs

You were full of sweet nothings

I hung unto your every word

But you broke my heart leaving me empty and void

A tear come to my mind when I think of you

I felt like dying when you said ,”We’re through”

I thought our time was forever and ever

But you wrenched my heart, spat at my face and said, “Never”

The memories of you haunt me

I can’t believe this nightmare is my reality


My pillow is constantly drenched with tears

Salty drops betraying my hurt, pain and fears

I have to say goodbye

And wipe the tears from my eyes

You promised to be with me through any ordeal

To love, care and share the emotions I feel

I reminisce on our indefatigable passion and lovers’ trysts

Now I can’t get over the tiring fights

You took my heart away and replaced it with stone

You’ve abandoned me and left so alone


14 thoughts on “If Only” by Ibiso Nwachukwu (@ibisonwachukwu)

  1. Very emotional poems filled with regrets and longing.
    They are good.

  2. This is a masterpiece that portrays the love experience in its natural form with betrayal, helplessness and hurt, all included.

  3. @ kaycee- thank you so much!!! I read “Father, I am still your dear son”, after I read it, I cried. ”Sex with my father” left me moody all day. You are such a good writer, when I read your write-ups I feel this connection with the character. You are a good writer and your commendations mean a lot

  4. @ Prof Nigeria- All this praise getting into my small head oo..lol. Thanks!!

  5. Really nice poems…

    You’ve abandoned me and left (me?) so alone

  6. Sorry for the typos o, I just noticed them now.

  7. Nice poems…

  8. @ sibblwhyte- thank you!!

  9. good piece. rings of regrets and dashed hopes. well told.

  10. Oh love! This is nice.
    The joy is that we just never tire of it.

  11. I enjoyed the poems except for some typos, and preferred heartbreak.

    The first line of If Only, did you mean the guy wore glasses?
    Then maybe you can find a different way to express that
    Glassy is usually used to describe a dead, doped, tired, confused, or generally unattractive or negative quality to the eye.

  12. Would propose an economy in and of words.
    You work calls attention to a real inquiry into
    what love is, and not just a literary pleasure.
    Powerful is, “You took my heart away and
    replaced it with stone.” Each day we destroy
    our earth by breaking peoples’ hearts.

    Brokenhearted souls are not far away from
    us, and so life becomes nightmarish,
    boring and short.

    May we save us and God bless our efforts.

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