I Write

I Write

I write,
Of good times that went bad,
For reasons that always skip my mind,

Of many friendships that once were,
And those moments when all I wanted was to be there,

Of fond memories held dear,
Of times when we did nothing but care,

Of a story of us that will never be told,
Cos thoughts of you now turn my heart cold,

And even though memories of you,
I know will always unfold,
I can’t swear but I promise,
to make this the last of us I ever wrote.

20 thoughts on “I Write” by Me (@dr2103)

  1. Sad.

    I like the simplicity. Good job.

  2. Simply sad…it’s time to move on up…Well done..

    1. Yeah, thanks. :)

    1. @kaycee . . . For that total happiness once felt; one I always thought would never end. . .

      Just a cue to your comment.

      Thanks for reading.:)

  3. PAin never ends!

    1. @elovepoetry PAin never ends? I think it does; it only always makes a tad too many impressions ( maybe in form of scars. . ) on your life, so that things are hardly the same anymore. . .

      Thanks for reading.

  4. Gosh….simple,lovely,message-ful.

    1. @gretel aw! Thank you so much. :)

  5. RIO (@riowrites)

    It was, It’s gone but still we love. Nice.

    1. Yeah! Love once felt, hardly ever dies. . .

      Thanks for reading. :)

  6. Provoked some strong feelings.

    Well done.

  7. Great title… :-)

  8. I can’t swear but I promise,
    to make this the FIRST of us I ever wrote.

    Know you’ll be writing.

    Simple, fond memory, very nice.

  9. Was this for real, felt as such? Would spoil some other dude’s chances :)
    Hmm, this feels deep and the simplicity is just breath taking.
    Not too many classes would study this but for those who would read it, it would leave an impression.
    Nice one.

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