He walked in madness

He walked in madness

Madman walked

in dusty harmattan,

in dirty brown sheda,

he drew long shirt

to his nape,

he slouched and walked.

Eyes stare blindly

no charity for madman,

he is not human,

eyes trudge on,

in sweaters,handgloves,

caps and neckwraps,

madman walked on,



face sad in cold,

nobody cares,

madman belongs to none,

Not his family,

or rich government.

8 thoughts on “He walked in madness” by khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

  1. Yeah. Even the ‘omo ijoba’ (child of the government) thing is just a tag to mean ‘child of no one’.

    Nice one Khadija!!!

    Hey – hey.

  2. Na so..Khadijati.

    Well written. Well done.

  3. Khadijah your poem captures the indifference of man to our fellow man.

    The fact that someone looks or behaves a certain way does not mean we should turn a blind eye to them. We all seem to find a reason to justify apathy. Your piece recognizes the fact that we need to be our brother’s keeper.

    They say they road to hell is paved with good intentions, while heaven is full of good deeds.

    Well done.

  4. Very nice message in this Khadijah…But i ll take it to mean that ‘madman’ stands for people other than ‘mad’ people..
    Na who wan give mad pesin food?..U?..Just kidding..
    This simply means Be ur brother’s keeper…not necessarily doing good 4 sm1 cos we know we would be repaid..It means we should care 4 evn those whom we have no hope of benefitting from…
    Well written, well done…$ß.

  5. Thank you for reading.

  6. Enjoyed it. Nice poem.

  7. interesting

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