He Smells like Rain

He smells like rain and Cairo after dark
He smiles and the Zebras in the Zambezi lose their stripes

He reaches out his hand
and the walls of my heart;
those brick walls with foundations deeper than wells dug in the Sahara,
Yes, those walls,
crumble to nothingness…

An old man once told me:
‘You find what you seek.’
I sought heaven, I found an angel

15 thoughts on “He Smells like Rain” by Kiah (@kiah)

  1. Whoa!


    What a guy. Lucky you.


  2. Your admiration is very clearly conveyed.

    1. what does this comment even mean??? what part of ‘fiction’ don’t people understand?

  3. whoo…..powerful romance.

  4. tosyn (@tosinosha)

    Apt conveyance of this attraction. I’m loving yu 4 this. Hope yu don’t mind? Lol

  5. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Brevity is d game of love.I like d nature of ur message.Very effective.@tosinosha…14 years….no more no less.

    1. tosyn (@tosinosha)

      So @kiah na guy? Errr… @sambrightomo: na you be the police wey wan cash me? Sam.bright.homo. lol

  6. short and steamy.
    you sabi

  7. This poem is longer than what is written… LOVELY!!!

  8. Can I please be the one so admired? Powerful words that evict and convey love.

    This is a beautiful work of art. What can I say…kudos.

    1. apparently i misjudged you as well…

  9. absolutely beautiful!

  10. You understand the essence of poetry

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