Flowers, Tears and Dirt

Flowers, Tears and Dirt

On your marks!…
He looks forward at the curved, white-lined tracks as they snaked their way to wherever. Blurry…his gaze wavers to the wrong path. Winning is one thing, your route to victory is another. He concludes the process defines the passion for the intent, but the point is to never relent…abi? They say he’s a sinner, but he never repents, he dwells in the dark thoughts of doom, but always poked back to the light with the pointy ends of a broom…(well, y‘all call it conscience)…etching on his mind, his tough but swift race to death.Get set!…..
He tenses, his breath shaky as he slowly exhales. He yearns for the past, like the beginning of his latest breath, but to be defeated you have to conquer….
So, who’s the bad person?…what’s the option?…BLAM!!!…

the race begins, then immediately it’s over.Flowers, tears and dirt toast cheerfully to his victory (…um, probably theirs as well), to the end of the race…his race, the race you run alone….to his new home.
Who won?
…the priceless golden silence shines through this noisy world…announcing God’s greatest bitch, intimidating in her empty cloak as well as her deep heavy presence.
Who won?
No one wins…
…our stories will always be told by others, as theirs by us.…then again….is just what it is.

6 thoughts on “Flowers, Tears and Dirt” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. Your opinion.
    I have mine.

    You think deep.

    1. ….@kaycee, shallow minds don’t see past the words and their punctuation…..depth sees way into the writer’s soul….i think you know that already.

  2. Some serious imagination. So no winner, no vanquished, shey?

    You had better run the good race ‘cos you never can tell.

  3. My 5 year old would call you the boogie man Yhemie,lol

    Some actually think it begins after it ends…

    1. hehehe….@dottaraphels……what begins?….life begins after it ends?…errr….*smacks temple with the right palm*

      1. lmao…you got jokes now eh? Different take Yhemie….whole new poem.

        Hell ya! life begins after death….

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