Fast Changes, Slow Changes

Fast Changes, Slow Changes

Sitting on the thighs

Of this whore

Called justice

Listening to one of her suitors

Weaving strands of poetry

From the mangled threads

Of a sick world

Slowly, they begin to percolate

These changes spurned

By a withdrawal

From the thighs

Of this blindfolded whore.

My friend, a poet perverted

Loses height to age

Our kin unfortunate

gathers milk in her mammaries

But look not to her

For a hug

My friend another, a poet

A heretic becomes

Incensed by the feminine idiocy

Of a week’s visit denied

Morose he is now

Finding fault in a faith

He once revered.

My friend the poet first

Reposing beneath a tree

Awaiting a khadi’s repast

From afar beholds an amor past

Blameless heir

Of mutant genes

Divines a change in her parlor

But not in her mammary size.

Our friend, all behind

From that clime running

Splash of gold and rust

The seductress is she still

Her powers behind her

We hapless souls

Must worship behind

A faceless goddess

Chanting oya! oya! oya!

My friend, one that never was

Returns, a spectacle,

Putting her intellect to task

Devouring in make-belief

The mundane scribbling

On the fashion pages

Of a borrowed newspaper.

These changes come fast

The others come slow

I sit here watching her suitors

Retrieved their limb members

From her cold thighs

They retreat to their abode

She lies still in their semen

Awaiting their nocturnal overtures

That change is slow

I must depart

For soon the fast change

Will come

When their thrusts

They resume into her thighs.

(Inspired by the song “Fast changes” by Seal)

6 thoughts on “Fast Changes, Slow Changes” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. I can’t help but think about the Lagos State doctors and what’s happening when I read this.

    It’s just so sad.

    Good stuff…as always.

  2. Beautiful as always, although I got confused as I got down the lines.

  3. I like the sexual imagery

  4. Beauty-ful

  5. I wanted to say Justice isnt a whore but when I finished had to agree.
    Lagos state Doctors deserve what they got.

    1. Deserved what they got?

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