Dance Of An Idol.

Dance Of An Idol.

His dance play again, and

Like talking drum he spoke,

Only unwalled ears dance the

Rhythm of an Idol and

The prophecy kept for

Unrest  sour  times.


Dance of an Idol,

Misinterpreted like one

Singing virgin parables, and

Hearers exchange faces.

What is said, and

What is done not said…


The  Idol,

A wild not mild on

The march to switch off

The race on God’s land.


He sang, bullets rained,

He rained bullets, we sang…


Only head, good and grayed

Lose labyrinthine threads,

And dance the song

Of  the  rough  apocalypse.


The war is ancient,

Only breathing now

Win trophies, because we

Have pounded this wall

Like Berlin’s bliss, disdain us

This Warrior, the victory all

Life in fiasco unattained!


Let the Ikoro and Odu sound

From the race that pushed

The Idol into Warriors’ circle,

And the wrestle, write the

Idol  on the urn

That unburns the Idol’s



See him before earth,

To swell earth in earth, and

The year is a child still

As she gave the news.

Our burning wakes the mourning,

And like flowers tendered,

Such pain we will fertilize!


Only God kowtow we,

And jealous, it’s a compromise

We not compromise…!

When the apocalypse returns

The song disharmony, we

Will call this dance from

An Idol, and return the Idol

To ponder…

16 thoughts on “Dance Of An Idol.” by Dike Dyke Williams (@dwilliams)

  1. Life evolves…yet all things are connected

  2. Why should our poems always be enshrined and ensconced in ambiguity and riddles? Does it make it a better poem?
    Perhaps it is to much for people to write poems another mind can understand.

    1. Lol…Kaycee, it’s poerty, and it should be condense. But Believe me, this is a poem on Late Ojukwu. I had to let the cat get out to stop others from entering the same pit. Thanks anyway.

  3. Nice. Dunno if I understand it fully though; feel it has to do with Religious crises…

    All the same, not bad. What’s with the formatting?

    1. Well Ray, good try. The formatting is just some typo miss… Thanks

  4. Nice elegy to a great hero…may his soul rest in peace!

    Nice poem,though half comprehended.

    1. Thanks Osondu. But with the revelation I gave to Kaycee you still grasp.

  5. bros for being able to bring it this far i say congratulations – poetry is not understood when read in haste. cheers

  6. Nice poem.
    Somewhere into it, I realized I didn’t grasp it as much as I initially thought I did. As implied @mikeeffa, I’ll probably re-read it. A few things read wrong to me, but I’m kinda confused as to whether they were all part of the style.

    His dance play[ed] again…
    Well done, @dwilliams

    1. Thanks Chimzorom. His “dance play” fresh bcos we live with that dance always.

  7. Okay now. I guess I have to read this 3 more times. No comprende

    1. Okay…goodluck…lol

  8. What a poetic tale and ode to a great idol. “He sang, bullets rained,
    He rained bullets, we sang…” – Quite a chiasmus!

    Impressive ink my man!

    1. Thanks Dowell Brother. I just had to write abstract for an ABSTRACT man!

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