Boko Haram

Boko Haram

The ground shake,
With dance step from turbulent feet,
The wall crumble, rumble, and break;
By bear’s paw, munch with dragon teeth.
The emblem is ablaze,
Babel of emotion voices stumble heather scatter,
Seeking shelter;
racing on naked embalmment, in numbers.
Suddenly, silence hover the cloud,
Humans slaughtered like ram.

Suddenly thunder strike,
Lightning flashes furious light;
It struck fathers, mothers and children.
In ethnic plight,
The dust travel through the desert on mischievous flight;
With political might.
Suddenly silence hover the cloud,
The people heaves deeply, hoping it would last.
Humans sacrificed like ram.

Suddenly the news flash,
The gong echoes throughout the land, and beyond;
A national catastrophe and it’s a mystery to all.
The national pledge explodes and disappears in the ember,
It writhe bodies and wall;
The phone keeps ringing, but nobody to stop the call.
Suddenly, silence hover the cloud,
Angels cry;
It leaves an insane man thinking,
While everyone else remains static.

Suddenly the centre breaks,
Heads roll off neck, eyes from socket,
By glittering merry machete,
Bodies sacked in basket.
No coffin no grave, an open casket.
Blood over flow river banks,
Music in tribal rhythm plays;
The people dance to it,
Days counting from my finger tip, while it looms.
Suddenly brightness hover the dark cloud,
With falling dew;
It lightens the nation, with ocean tide over flow with mildew.

11 thoughts on “Boko Haram” by aceDprodigy (@1prodigy)

  1. I like this. I like this.


    1. tanx@seun. this is the little way we as poets can express our dismay

  2. This brought tears to my eyes… Really sad to see what has befallen our dear nation…

    No coffin no grave, an open casket. Oh God, come to our rescue.

    Thanks for writing this. Keep ’em coming.

  3. this and more of terrorism and counter-terrorism fora would held fight this war… i have written a piece on this for my exam paper and i got 99%, terrorism is the third world war, lets all fight it

  4. What opium, what indoctrination!
    But earth has her way of mediation
    The foes shall soon see annihilation.

  5. Good poem.
    Bokoharam is only an effect, there is a deeper cause.

  6. Boko devil is what i call them.This is what man’s greed has caused.

  7. May we all live to tell the tales of d Haram devils…..Nice one ace…Well done…$ß.

  8. The wall crumble[s], rumble[s], and break[s];
    Suddenly, silence hover[s] the cloud,
    Suddenly thunder strike[s],
    It struck[strikes] fathers, mothers and children.
    The dust travel[s] through the desert on mischievous flight;
    Suddenly silence hover[s] the cloud,
    The people heaves[heave] deeply, hoping it would last.
    Suddenly, silence hover[s] the cloud,
    Blood over flow[s] river banks,
    Suddenly brightness hover[s] the dark cloud,

    As @sibbylwhyte, may we live to tell the story. Do take note of your verb and noun concord.
    Nice poem.

  9. Good poem. Few typos. Na so we see am.

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