Another Heart Quake

May it please you  to read about a heart quake

It’s straight from where used to be my heart-place

It occurred  days ago, in a quick pace

And got me storing my tears in a blanket

As you read you may your head shake

Or rush to the comment box  and make known your take

Anyhow, there is one thing I want you to do for my sake

And it is, don’t think this story is fake


I got involved before I came of age

I was 14, I remember, and I had courage

It was useless, I mean the adage

That said, what people who are of age

See sitting down, the teenage

standing, don’t see even its image

Such things can’t be true, in this space-age


We first met in the dining room in college

He was tall, handsome, and privileged

What is more,in class he was our own sage

He is your man,so said my love gauge

And though young, with him I dreamt marriage

Each time I saw him my heart went on rampage

A peaceful demonstration of our future in one bed


He loved me too, I was his only pet

And everything went on well with us till he met Kate

That usurper, her name alone gets me enraged

And makes me want to cook her like a yam porridge

And that fool who thinks himself another sage

That animal who deserves to be put in a cage

Or for want of cage be hauled into a lake

Oh Fred , may your life be like a torn page

For taking my virtue, and giving me a heart break


Fred has sent me to the backstage

But this is not my place, I am meant to be on-stage

And like at 14, I will rise with that same courage

This time, to find a man who I will give a heart quake



15 thoughts on “Another Heart Quake” by ichadeygreet (@ichadgreat)

  1. Ichadgreat you are indeed great! I truly love this!

    You had me rolling and laughing. This is a wonderfully funny piece and I love funny.

    Well done and please give us more funny poems to read.

    1. Thank u @mercy….okay, i will try

  2. Very funny. I enjoyed reading this. :)

    1. @myne, thanks a million times.

  3. tosyn (@tosinosha)

    For me, the rhymes felt forced @ some point. But I liked the package all together.
    My favourite part was d part about teenage people not seeing images people of age see

  4. Double respect!

    1. @kaycee….thanks…..i remain local…sorry i mean loyal

  5. Ah, you wanted to cook her like yam porridge?! That line made me laugh out loud.


  6. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @tosinosha wat is forced in d rhythm of dis poem now?any body wey tell me say my lines v forced rhythm,I go break him head!@ichadgreat well done jare!

    1. tosyn (@tosinosha)

      @sambrightomo: Ok, like our dear GEJ would attempt to recant after he’s been caught pant down, I’d say I’ve been quoted out of context. lol… What I meant actually was that there were times when @ichadgreat sacrificed syllabic rhythm on the altar of rhyming. But like I said, it still came out fine.

      PS: I usually don’t do this. Sam, I hope you remember that you caused this. I wasn’t trying to berate the poem like you made it seem. lol.

      1. @sambright, thanks…and i hope u dnt make gud ur promise of breakin some one’s head

      2. @tosyn, u and GEJ be paddy abi. Any which way, thanks for ur invaluable comments…..though i will appreciate if u can point out some instances so i can take correctn..

        Once again, thank u

  7. Funny and nice…Well done…

    1. @bubnllinna thank u so much.

  8. Somebody slap dis girl, hard. 14?
    Nice work…

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