A Sad Rose

Being forlorn is like wanking to a naked picture of strife
it vividly displays the sketchy bitterness of being lost in life
i feel so small trying to make sense of it all
the dot makes a screeching halt before the end of e’ry explanatory sentence
sadly, my world lacks the essence of a presence badly…
guess i need a cause..nah, better yet a nurse,
maybe i got screws loose
or mi sanity booked a boat cruise…
probably i’m just tired..
lucky migraine, he just got hired
i feel feverish, my head hurts…
am i selfish?
my curse rides mi like a horse
‘Gidiyap!’…hollers my boss,
i run….bearing the lunatic’s cross.


Dialogue (18+)

POLEY: Hey Holey
HOLEY: Hi Poley
POLEY: Is it raining?…why are you all wet?
HOLEY: Are you always so direct?
POLEY: You’re in the mood, I bet.
HOLEY: Maybe….seeing you might have caused the effect
POLEY: Me?…now i’m getting upset
HOLEY: Ah…is that why you’re getting erect?
POLEY: Well…what do you expect?
HOLEY: I should have known i’ll affect
POLEY: You know more than you show…i suspect
HOLEY: Correct!
POLEY: I gotta do what I gotta do….are you set?
HOLEY: Do what you gotta do….I accept.
POLEY: Ahhhhh…..what a depth!
HOLEY: Shut up jor!…or I’ll reject
POLEY: You got a big mouth, I’ll teach you respect.
HOLEY: Hmmmmmnnn…..to you I’m in debt.
POLEY: Before nko….you’re my pet
HOLEY: You sef na my object
POLEY: I gree….arrghhh..ahhhh…I don eject.

17 thoughts on “A Sad Rose” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    No comment.

    1. you just did…..

  2. Emmm. Today is sunday sha.

    The first poem didn’t make much sense to me. As I coudn’t get into ur mind.

  3. Nice rhymes u’ve gat here.

  4. Not too much of wat I’ll call perfect. Twas kinda musiclike.

  5. Nice try chaa. Remember that ‘I’ standing alone must be in capital. Also, the first poem. The mc was kinda weak. The voice was too singular and. . .

  6. Really needs editing. I couldn’t find any rose in it.

  7. Hehe…Like louis, i couldn’t find a ‘sad rose’…but the writer feels all out of sorts in the poem.
    You make poems seem like lyrics and i don’t know if that is such a good thing… Well, that is just me.

    Love the dialogue…and the names..Funny lil piece..

  8. Na wa o…..

  9. Imey man, my respect for you grows.

    I think both poems are great; but not in the ‘typical-mystical-confusingly-deep’ kind of way.

    The second one is bonkers!

    As I know you are. Well done.

  10. seriously…you were looking for a rose? look harder, a withered rose lurks somewhere in there……..hehehehehehe……it needs editing?…oh boi……@louis

    @sibbylwhyte….your opinion noted, rhymes and poetry have long been friends though…..it’s the kind of friendship we all should crave as humans……don’t tell me you’re looking for a sad rose too…

    @kaycee…..there’s a secret door somewhere at the back of the poem….that’s where the art lies..

    @seun-odukoya…….an open mind is what you are…that’s why you see far beyond the words…

  11. the eyes sees something else, the ears have heard something else
    and obviously the mouth has read something else

    and this is good

  12. Yhemie buddy, this is so YOU!

    A sad rose indeed, in a scatter brained existence;like the rest of the energizer bunny going on…on…on.
    Heck that’s life!

    The relief does come though…the most natural God given one for that matter. My kinda relief! lol.
    This is cool.

    1. @dottaraphels…hehehehehehehe, treading the thin line between creativity and junk as i pour out frustrations through my poor pen…..relief?….where can i find that?…..

      a scatter-brained existence…..ah!..might begin crushing on you ooooo!…..lovely.

  13. lol…sure found mine!
    U…coy? Tufia!
    I loved the poem.

  14. @dottaraphaels…U got ur own crush D, hehehe…

    Poetry and rhymes. I think, are lovers..locked up in a world of their own..a fusion of their entities.
    It’s sad alright, it’s hard to imagine the character in the poem as a rose jare.

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