A Letter from the Heart!

Dear Brain,

In the past days, I have been feeling weird.

How do I know? Well I have this feeling, its a feeling that I feel now that I know that I have never felt before and when I feel this feeling, I want to feel more and more of it, I dont want it to stop.

I’m writing to you now, because I want you to think this through before I explode. I’m aching now and I know you have a way of over analysing things and seeing all possible reasonings why I shouldnt feel this feeling.

Oh but Brain, the way I just pause when he walks into the room, its alarming even to me, because if I pause like that all the time, my master will die! Oh but brain, when he holds masters hand, I just become so erratic and crazy, even the nervous system has written a letter to me, because apparently my actions have them causing heaves of sweat and even trembling in masters knees but I cant help it! I’ve tried, I really have to be still and play cool when he is here but I just cant. I need your help!

You have such a way of bossing everyone around, perhaps you can speak to me as strictly as you speak to masters bladder when we are on long trips!

Oh brain, how I never want him to leave the room, and sometimes I hear his heart too, when master hugs him, I hear it and I swear it beats for me. Brain, I know you’ll roll your eyes when you read this, but its true! I know his heart beats for me.

Yesterday, when he kissed master on the lips, I thought, surely, master was going to die, I didnt know what happened to me, it was as though electricity coursed through me, I was hopping about and dancing in some crazy manner. It’s never happened to me before. I wanted him to do it again, even though I was terrified that master and I would perish. I wanted him to do it again, I still want him to. This is so retarded, I barely know him, beyond his heart beat and his electrifying voice and molten kisses, I dont know him, but this feeling I’m feeling makes me feel like that all I need to know!

Oh Brain, what am I to do? The worst is, after that electrifying kiss, and he walked away. I felt a new feeling, as I have never felt before, I felt as though I didnt want to work anymore, as if thumping against Sir RibCage was of no use, a waste of time!

Oh brain, please help me. I fear that if I never see him again or hear his heart beat for me again, I myself will slowly stop beating.

Brain, is this what you described in page 40 of the user’s manual?

Brain, am I in love?

Anxiously awaiting your response.

The Heart

14 thoughts on “A Letter from the Heart!” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. “Well I have this feeling, its a feeling that I feel now that I know that I have never felt before and when I feel this feeling, I want to feel more and more of it, I dont want it to stop.”

    Instantly knew this had to do with love.

    Punctuation errors. Brain should always be capitalized – you switch from capital to small.

    Interesting stuff. Creative.

    I like the reaction to his ‘kissing master’…nice.

    1. Interestingly unique

  2. I am pretty sure that the heart does write to the brain in extreme cases like that.
    Heart calls its owner ‘master’, so I assume the body is a male. The person who causes the knee jerk, fluttery and erratic feeling is a ‘him’. Are they gay?..
    If they are, abeg Brain should admonish heart. Which kain waste of energy b dat?.
    The title in itself is a give away…
    Well done mobola…$ß.

    1. Bubb! lol

      Me thinks you may be right gal…

  3. If you let Brain do all the thinking, Heart will loose out.

    Go with the gut….

  4. This was creative. A lovely metaphor of the acts of the heart and its cogitation with the brain.
    Cool idea…I like it.

    But it can be better written!

  5. Creative stuff…but experimental stuffs like this need much work to make them shine brightly…

    Keep improving your art.

  6. I like unique.

  7. Yayy! I like this.

  8. This is cool. Weldone bola.

  9. @Mobola, nice to see a variation from your single line style. :)

    I like the idea; it’s quite creative. However, be careful not to mix your metaphors. Is this the figurative heart in which emotions reside (seems to be, by your reference to feelings), or is it the literal heart that is a mere blood pump (seems to be, because you are referring to other organs literally as well)? To me, the figurative style works better; I’d replace ‘brain’ with ‘mind’.

    Well done.

  10. I love the creativity so much. Great piece @mobola. Please never stop writing.

  11. This is very creative. Well done.

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