A Bit Of Both

The first step is the hardest as I puke Hercules into his daunting quest…sober and idle, I marvel as loud crunchy sounds devours the decorum like peppered plantain chips as I gently tread the gravel.

It made me realize there is no space in the middle, silently as I drift, I still stumbled on a  parasitic riddle!…a huge step back to the cradle from the grave, dark techno music seeps through from hell’s rave, we all bob our heads, grooving on smoldering beds till eternity, shedding solid tears; voodoo hypnosis of the fraternity fears…aahh!

I miss them all, voice-mail on my cell…death called.

Puzzled, yet deeply she pries, so despair tries but got its tongue scalded by red hot ice. It grins out a dirty old scream, but my look remains glad and mean, leathery and weather-beaten, old and wrinkled…ah, happy says I wanna mingle, gladly…but will the wild bells jingle? By the way, twins are never but single, tah!…just the same in twos, compulsory friendship of fools.

Itty-bitty, meow purrs the fluffy kitty….sour yellow milk oozes out of dirt pores as I gladly lactate amidst dark metaphors.

4 thoughts on “A Bit Of Both” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. Well, if it would have been poetry I would have read it over ten ten times, or more, but I don’t get it!

  2. What’s this about? Frustration?

  3. How many times do we have to say?
    A bad poem is a poem that cannot be understood by readers.

  4. A good try… expecting more better works…

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