Wilted Gamji

Wilted Gamji

Once provided shade
Once gave succor
Against scorching sunlight
Against torrential rains
For sons sired differently
But of same progeny.

Your sons worshipped
At the base of your trunk
You were a common ancestor
You were a common savior

Your sons bicker
Some are intoxicated by your fruits
Some bicker because your fruits are scarce
People say your roots are tilted
Hence your leaves no longer give shade to all.

Oh! Gamji
Your survival is threatened
See as your sons cut down your roots
Leaving you scorched and wilted!

I provide shade for multitudes
They say my shade covers few
Periods after,
Elements batter the multitudes
They wallow
They shout
They hiss
But it’s a family affair
They struggle to grab me
I opt for consensus
But it doesn’t build consensus
My future is uncertain.

5 thoughts on “Wilted Gamji” by babsiwalewa (@babsiwalewa)

  1. Nice, .. Like the 1st part more..Perhaps Gamji is an iroko tree…Well done

  2. The switch in the POV in the last part starting with Umbrella was jolting, but it is a good poem, puts me in mind of Nigeria.

  3. There are actually 2 poems here. D first one is wilted gamji while the second one is umbrella.

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