The Rape 2


Are you going to sit there all day, weeping as if you just heard your death sentence pronounced? I’m sure your sales girls honest as they are will take good care of your store

The poor woman looked at her husband with misty eyes and cursed the day the priest joined them together as man and wife. She wiped her tears off her eyes, picked up her bad, hissed and left the office.

She had come to the office to confirm the tale one of her friends had told her. She had been told that Chief Fowowe kept a lot of concubines. She had even been told that he gave one of them a car as birthday gift. Not only that, he also bought a house on Victoria Island for one of them. She had not found it difficult to believe the tale, for Chief Fowowe’s attitude at home had confirmed it all. But she had wanted a concrete proof. If what she had seen that morning was not concrete enough, she wondered what would have been.

As for Chief Fowowe, it was too great a risk for him to start making headlines as a divorcee. He was aiming at the post of the chairman of his local government council in the next election. And he knew too well that any scandal might put that on the line. He would one day discard the old hag he lived with, he told himself, but that would be after the election. He could not tolerate her anymore. Gone were the days of her beauty. She had grown to be a bag of fat that just existed, as far as he was concerned. How he wished she would just leave him alone quietly and allow him to enjoy himself if she had nothing good to do with herself. He picked up his mobile phone and made a call.

Dolapo, my dear, how are you? I want to see you this evening… yes… of course, angle 90.”

As early as 7pm, the night club was already lively. Tuesday was always a special day at angle 90, it was a VIP day. It was a day set aside for the high and mighty so, the entrance fee for unregistered members of the club was very high.


On days like this, different girls attended in order to catch ‘big fish’. There dresses, high-heeled shoes and carriage were telltale signs.

That Tuesday evening was no exception. The night club was almost filled. The sound system blared out ‘kolomental’, and many young men were dancing with the girls who were dancing provocatively in a bid to attract the wealthy who passed by the ballroom. Chief Fowowe came in and took a special seat at the VIP section. Not long after, a beautiful young lady led her way to his seat. Dolapo sat down beside Chief Fowowe and crossed her legs. In the twinkle of an eye, the table was filled with bottles of drinks and plates of asun meats.

Why did you asked me to come?” she asked.

Nothing”, he replied. “I just to amuse myself.”

Dolapo went pale with anger.

So, I have now become a toy for you to amuse yourself with, eh? Anyway, if you have no reason to have brought me here, I’ve got important things to do with my time


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  1. Okay. This is better; I think. I understand it’s a bridge.

    I like the length. No long thing.


  2. Hmmm…it’s alright..I await the next.
    There were some mispellings along the line, reread and you would see them…Welldone. $ß

  3. I am totally lost in this.

  4. This was better written than the first installment, @bbtagoro.

    I like how I’m seeing the background to some of the story.

    Looking forward to the next part…

  5. Well, i think the first was better. At least, he was discharged from court and his wife caught him cheating…..

    What happened here? What about the journalist? Did his wife find out about the car and house in v.i stuff by catching the P.A sitting on her hubbys lap? And the end was somehow….

    I think you write well anyway, you just have to settle down and give your story life and make it believable… Waiting for the next part.

  6. Hmmm….ooookay.

    You write with good simplicity. I know you can do better. Keep writing.

    Next part!

  7. Gud so far…post d nxt instalment soon.

  8. I’m waiting for the third part. I’ve just read the first and I think this Chief is a hard man.

  9. I thank everybody for the time spent to read my story even though with errors as you have all pointed out. I have not been able to log into my accounts for the past 3 weeks hence I could not make any response to all the comments. all the same the other parts will soon be here and you can give me your full judgement:
    all of you and others are well appreciated, so sorry if i did not mention your name as I had to rush over this.

  10. I thank you all again

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