The Name That We Bear

We came from our mothers’ womb
that gave us comfort & joy.
We are force to bear a name .
b*st*rd a name!
Given to us by a blonde;
strange brothers,
strange sisters around –
the corner of our pot of soup.
Even when we cared to share ,
we had so much pains to bear
For the love of having a name,
given by a strange wife.
Soon, our pot of soup tasted sour
since we loved the jollof  and fried rice
she had prepared from her distant land.
We killed for it!
And ready to sacrifice our name for its’ lust,
Mothers’ hands raised on her head in tears
cos we divided her womb into spoils.
Just for the love of having a name
given by a strange wife.
Gentlely, the pearls fell-off our eyes
and we realized it was mothers pocket money
we had destroyed to our cost.
What profit have we in our fathers’ name!
What share do we have in his name?
What misery?
To your mothers’- children.
It’s just peoples names that we bear.

10 thoughts on “The Name That We Bear” by tuee (@tuee)

  1. The poem is okay. Nice message.

  2. nyc poem bt we cant change the name, we can however change our status quo

  3. Hmmn
    Don’t even know what to make of this.
    Check the errors in spellings.

  4. Given to us by a blonde; calls to mind the fact that Mrs Lugard gave Nigeria its name…

    Does this poem adress Naija?..Pray do tell what does this adress..

    Check; Gentlely is Gently, Force should be forced..
    Keep writing and getting better…Well done

  5. I do not get this!

    “Does this poem adress Naija?..Pray do tell what does this adress..” – *in bubbllinna’s voice*

  6. I think it’s pretty clear that the poem speaks to Nigeria/Africa as a whole…

    I like it. It could be better – but I like it. Nice.

    1. yes! that’s what I had in mind

  7. As Seun said, this poem clearly addresses Nigeria.
    I got the whole point of it and though I think it needs refining, I love not just the concept, but also the way it is written {except the typos of course}
    Well done @tuee

  8. i like the way its reprecents our motherland and african

    just need a lit bit polishing.

    keep writing you can only get better.

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