The Crowd in Me

The Crowd in Me

my crimes are the actions of others

and my tears are for the pains of another

i could stand alone

as i browse the shelf

but i’m never at naytime

all by myself

because there’s a crowd in me

saying words and doing things

for which i sometimes get praised

and the consequencies of some

i bear in good faith

in the crow is the child

with the golden smile

never dreamt of growing up wild

but did anyway in short while

caught in the web of intrigues

he cried out “NOT GUILTY”!

never heard

condemned to silence

his golden smile slowly

disolves into salty tears

that stains the years

its his tears i cry sometimes

when i smile

in the crowd is the young man

who found the VOICE

and spoke at top of his lungs

“kisses are lies clothed

in passion to hide

the treason committed against

the hearts of the innocents”

so they looked at me strangely

cos he said

and i said

my hands are shaking

but my heart is baking

from all the things i shouldn’t be saying

now youa are looking at me

and the crwod is looking at me too

yet now i can see quite easily

now i know waht the child felt

and what the young advocate meant

becasue the crowd i see

is not just a crowd in me

its the other sides of me.

6 thoughts on “The Crowd in Me” by ilerioluwa (@ilerioluwa)

  1. The crowd in you refer to alter egos or the personalities in one?..
    Anyways, I feel you have something here, but you would have to Edit this again..
    There are spelling errors and you have to capitalise your I’s…Keep writing and Welldone… $ß

    1. What she said.

  2. Hmm. So the voices in your head are making you do things you don’t want to eh? you know, you can shut them up or ignore them instead of allowing them control you. I like the idea and the title was what attracted me being that I am involved in a constant battle for my mind with my own inner ‘crowd’ (I’ve been coming out victorious of late). Bubbly has pointed out your flaws (and they are oh, so many). I personally would suggest you talk to admin so you can correct them.
    Thumbs up.

  3. gud poem bt so many typos. i almost got lost here ‘in that /crow/ a child’

  4. Such WWE Superstar R Truth has got?
    Nice job.

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