Sharing Expressions

Sharing Expressions

An Ode, a Sonnet, a Ballard, a Triolet
Poems from my heart
Truly sent
My hand writes
What my heart speaks
My heart speaks
What my mind feels
Words capture my mind’s imagery
Poems give voice to feelings stuck within.

Life’s glamour and misery
Captured in language
Treasured thru words
Plain and candid
Sometimes in a song
This time a free verse

Today once again I learn
Of misery and pain,
Of heinous acts mankind portrays
This Easter celebration
Meant for fun, joy and laughter
Celebrating Christ
All things nice
Children happy
Smiling faces
Gifts and things
The tailor next door
New clothes bring

In the midst of this celebration
Man in Okota his only son kills,
His wife burns
Uses as a human ironing board
All because of his ugly misconceptions.
The outcome of his expressions

The evil that men do
The horrors of hell ring true
In the actions of men true and in tune
If you are wondering what’s the connection
Life events create expression

Never knew computers would replace musical instruments
Or Crunk become a popular musical sensation
Rhyming, structure for a poet has meaning, reasoning
They should instruct not constrict restrict my musings
Life evolves and not always pleasing

Be kind and gentle
Kagho might be just be like Crunk
A new style formed
Winning the Montreal prize for poetry.
I want to be like Yhemie, Lawore and Bright Benson
Even Tucee, Esosa, Raymond and Elovepoetry
Uzuazo, Writefight write good poetry
Winning the Nobel Prize not illusionary
Poems are my way of expression
Fleeing depression
A way to share
Insight and emotions
This is only an expression

26 thoughts on “Sharing Expressions” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. @aturmercy, this is a poem well writen… Your pen’s got much “grease”…welldone.

    1. Thanks Ogbole, I appreciate your comments.

  2. well done @aturmercy, this leaves a melancholic feeling and still optimistic. It’s spirited and jovial all at once. Sometimes I forget that poetry is just that ,songs of the heart in words and expressions.

    1. Yes Dotta, that’s what poetry is all about…expressing yourself in a way and manner that only “you” can do.

      Each poem is unique in the sense that it expresses what we see, feel and understand about the world around us.

      Thanks for your lovely comments.

  3. Nice, nice….Poems indeed are expressions of the poet…and this particular expression is nice..Well done…$ß

    1. Thanks Bubbly… I’m glad you like.

  4. Cool. Keep writing, and you might just win that Nobel.

    1. Thanks layrite, I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

  5. It was a bit difficult for me to read due to the arrangement. Probable centre alignment would have been better. But the message was good.

    1. Thanks Eletrika. The arrangement has a lot to do with the message, and I’m glad you still liked the message.

  6. Nice writing, but could have been better without the names in the last stanza.

    1. Thanks Myne. I wrote as inspired… The message is about expressing ones individuality and view.

      The names represent different types and forms of messages and expressions which I think should be celebrated.

  7. I like the arrangement.
    I like the thoughts too.

    1. Kaycee I’m glad you like. I appreciate your comments.

  8. I go with Elektrika

    1. I’m glad you are going with Eletrika…thanks for reading.

  9. Obviously the arrangement has a purpose and it would probably have to do with the fact that the poem is random.

    Despite exploring different subjects, you still managed to tie them all together.
    And the thoughts are worth pondering.

    1. Afronut…you get me. This I truly appreciate. thanks for the encouragement.

  10. Keep writing. Gets better

    1. Thanks Adabiokwy. With your encouragement I can only get better.

  11. You have a unique style of writing as well as aligning your work. I think it adds to the value of the poem.

    1. ProfNigeria, what can I say but a big thank you.

  12. RIO (@riowrites)

    You show chose the right expression. Kudos.

  13. RIO (@riowrites)

    You sure chose the right expression. Kudos.

    1. Rio, thank you.

  14. @ATURMERCY, this is great……….

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