Of Tears and Kisses, Heroes and Villains- My take.

Of Tears and Kisses, Heroes and Villains- My take.


Ikilo fun reader translates Warning to the reader: This is not exactly a review, as i am not in a position to review an anthology in which my story appears, it is just my take on the book and i also did not find any category to fit this post under hence this category.

The collection of stories was an effortless read for me because the mix was a good one.
From Rayo Abe’s mysterious Senior Bola to the Bond like Ekumeku of Tola Odejayi’s story, it was a good blend. It had its highs and lows.

Kilanko’s ‘A glimpse in the mirror’ was a low for me, I kind of expected more from and for Durosinmi but then that’s what good stories are made of. Handing you the unexpected, aye?

I fell in love with Salatu’s- ‘If Tears could speak’ the first time I read it on Naija Stories and reading it ignited the same feelings again. She made a low seem like a high for me. Well spun tale.

I am still wondering if Seun’s ‘Can I please kill you’ was a low or high for me. Well written, it took me straight into that unknown girl’s heart, many of whom litter our streets but this one erred wisely. I read every single word greedily like the first time I read it on NaijaStories.com.

Uko’s- One Sunday Morning in Atlanta, was a light one for me, it eased me from the first three stories I had read as they kind of had a more serious thrust. Or was Uko’s story serious but veiled under lightness? It let laughter slip through my throat, that I can assure you.

Rayo Abe’s – Mother of Darkness, I related to this story as an ex-boarder. Such stories of madam koikoi and co were replete in my school back then and Rayo wrote this well. One of my favourites, the first time I read it on Naijastories.com and again as I read it in this anthology.

Babtunde’s- ‘Showdown at Rowe Park’ was comic relief for me, a story easy to relate to. The shenanigans of primary school.

It was my second time of reading Uche’s- Blame it on a Yellow Dress, I still felt the same anger that come from hearing stories of incest in which the victim tries to share in the blame.

Bankole’s- The Writer’s Cinema; was a fun read for me. He almost got me confused with his thought process. His reliable muse showed up for him.

John Ugoji’s – Seeing Off Kisses: It was my second time reading it and I still remembered all the comments the story garnered the first time it was published on Naijastories.com. It still made laugh @ the dusty feet.

Bidemi’s- Too Late, was a definite low for me. The hurt in the story was palpable for me; you could cut it with a knife. He passed his message across.

Adiba’s- Visiting Admiral John Bull made me wish. Wish that things would be better in the Niger Delta. She painted a true picture of people that have forgotten what they are supposed to be fighting for.

Lulu’s- Jesus of Sports Hall nailed it. A story of our times. It traced Zang’s origin without taking too much space on paper and linked corruption which has become endemic in our society.

Gboyega’s- What Theophilus did, was a clear look at politicians and their retarded and evil ways of gaining power. Well written and it drove home its message.

Tamo’s- Kitchen Practicals buttressed the saying that “love knows no record of wrongs” , eat salty beans and be happy. It was a fun read after the gore in ‘What Theophilus did’.

Ola Awonubi’s- Illusions of Hope is a story of our times. The quest for ‘abroad`’, for dreams that most times remain unfulfilled. A high for me then a low again, had she learnt her lesson?

Kingsley’s ‘Best Laid Plans’ which went awry is not your normal kettle of tea. It had some action which I kind of liked.

Opeyemi’s- It’s Not That Easy is a sad tale. One that would tug at your heart. Reads like poetry in some parts. Sad, sad one and another low for me.

Remi’s ‘Two Straws in bottle’ brought a smile to my lips. I liked it, it made joy course through me after Opeyemi’s story.

Myne’s- A kind of Bravery, addressed an issue which plagued some of us, is plaguing some people now, and will still plague other except it is addressed by standing up like Zube. My second read and I still liked it.

Tola’s ‘Co-operate’ created a vivid character- Ekumeku which remained with me even as I read it the second time. I kept waiting for his part to come up. Another one of my favourites.

Damilola’s- ‘Nothing Good’ was short and succinct, in its short run it had a lot of vivid descriptions. *winks*.

Meena’s ‘The Catalyst’ was an eerie one. Well written and a sad one, but was another low, wasn’t the end I had expected.

Seyi’s ‘How I Kissed Hadiza’ was good blend for Meena’s story, it helped diffuse most of the eeriness and it was comic relief about boys and their mischief.

Pyneapples ‘Every Wrinkle is a story’ touched my heart; another low for me and its message was driven straight home. The bogus grammar kind of balanced the story for me- serious yet light.

Henry’s ‘Rachel’s Hero’ kind of dates this timeless seeming anthology with the Boko Haram slant, well paced and action packed heroic tale. His very brave character deserves some applause.

Mercy’s ‘All I Wanted Was Another Baby’ is very heartrending, making you realize we don’t always know all the answers.

Chidozie’s ‘The Old Man In Our Neighbourhood’ was another short one with a emotional message.

Elohor’s ‘Wiping Halima’s Tears’ Was another low for me. It made me face another of the stark realities of life some people had to face.

Sonia’s ‘Nnamdi’ was another heartrending tale. You could feel the widow’s plight and her mixed emotions in her narrative.

Raymond’s ‘The Devil’s Barter’ One of the lengthiest stories in the pack. It will mess with your mind if you let it.

Here is saying congratulations to every author featured in the anthology. GGMUB.

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